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2940UW and Yamaha 8424 problem

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I've a 2940UW with bios 1.23 but I've installed a Yamaha 8424S and sometimes it is not recognized at boot. On Adaptec web site there is bios 1.34 and 2.20. With these bioses there are problems with OS 4.2 driver ?


I also recognized problems with the Yamaha's (CRW 4206 and 8824). It was always a tricky thing with SCSI termination. The problem occurs with a 2940UW and a 2940. Tried several constellations changing the position on the cable with the Yamaha drive. What worked best was (passive) terminated Toshiba CD as the last device. What also worked for me was setting ASYNC in the Adaptec BIOS for the Yamaha. This worked for me also with the Yamaha as the terminating device at the SCSI-cable together with a 2940UW.