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3k Associates GOPHER Server

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[Updated 08/22/96]

                  3k Associates GOPHER Server

  3k Associates Gopher server provides information on 3k Associates
line of software products, as well as some other items of interest
to Internet users and our customers. In addition, our anonymous ftp
site ( provides these documents AS WELL as some public domain
software for HP3000 systems, AND some papers of interest to HP3000 users.
You can also see us on the web at "".

  Our gopher server, as well as ftp and www servers, all run on HP 3000
computers running MPE/iX. If you're interested in connecting your HP 3000
site to the Internet, or just setting up Internet-services, give us a call.
We can provide a turnkey www server installation tape, e-mail and gopher
solutions, network consulting and installation, and even custom programming

  You can download a free fully-functional demo of the NetMail/3000 e-mail
system or this gopher server - you'll need WRQ's Reflection terminal emulator
to execute the installation script and upload the files to your HP 3000

***Now you can also download (and keep!) a free version of NetMail/3000.
   This 2-mailbox version has most of the capabilities of its big brother;
   SMTP/MIME (full Internet compatability), POP2 and POP3 servers built
   in, and an easy-to-use pc-style interface. Context sensitive help,
   unlimited user-defined folders, and many other advanced features are
   present as well. You can download installation files in Reflection
   (WRQ) labelled format (requires Reflection 1 to install) or in MOVER
   format (for MPE/iX 5.0+ systems). Freeware NetMail costs nothing; does
   NOT expire; runs on any MPE/iX 4.0 or later system; will talk to any
   SMTP compatible mail system; runs on any HP terminal or emulator (and
   many non HP terminals); includes POP servers so you can use Eudora,
   NetScape, Pegasus, or any other POP client to view your mail. Freeware
   NetMail does not support batch-mode(job) access.

  3k Associates specializes in products for the HP3000 family of computers.
We provide the only SMTP compatible electronic mail package for HP3000
computers, as well as the only SMTP gateway for HPDesk or HPOpenDesk sites
(DeskLink) which doesn't require an external Unix system. SMTP is the
Internet standard for electronic mail; available with all Unix systems,
now HP3000s can also communicate with the world!

  Not being satisfied with SMTP compatibility, our electronic mail package
is also MIME compatible (that's the Multimedia Internet Mail Extensions
standard). This means that our e-mail system not only communicates with
any SMTP compatible mail system, it also has the capability to exchange
multimedia data. (Both the OpenDesk gateway "DeskLink" *and* the
standalone mail system "NetMail" are MIME compatible.)

  In addition, the mail package includes a standard POP2 and POP3 server,
compatible with any commercial or public domain POP2 or POP3 client. Let
your users take advantage of GUI e-mail clients like Eudora (from Qualcomm)
while using your HP 3000 as the central mail hub. No extra hardware or
software is needed, and load on your cpu is minimal.

  This gopher server is also provided as an option with the electronic
mail system. See our product listings for details on the packages.

Please pass on any feedback to us via e-mail at "[email protected]".

                       Sales (US):   800 Net-Mail    Fax:+1 703 451-3720
   ______              -or-       +1 703 569-9189 E-Mail: [email protected]
  /__ |  \__________   Sales (Europe):+44(1480)414131 Fax:+44(1480)414134
 /  / | / ________     Sales (Pacific Rim):+61 3 489 8216 (same for fax)
|  /_ |<  ______       Tech Support:+1 703 569-9189  Fax:+1 703 451-3720
 \ __)| \ ___          E-mail: [email protected]
  \______/ Associates  6901 Old Keene Mill Rd Suite 205 Springfield VA 22150
Gopher:   Anon-FTP:  WWW: