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4Dwm - The IRIS Extended Motif Window Manager was the default X11 window manager used by Silicon Graphics for its IRIX-based graphical workstations from IRIX 4.0 through IRIX 6.5.30. Based on mwm, 4Dwm provides window management functionality, desks and some session management functionality. It provides functions that facilitate control of elements of window states such as placement, size, icon/normal display, and input-focus ownership. Based on Motif.


  • A stacking window manager
  • Uses the motif widget library
  • Applications can be launched via a menu panel
  • Window decorations include borders and a titlebar
  • The titlebar provides a meta button and facilities to minimize and maximize windows
  • Support for themes

dot 4Dwmrc file

Configuration files for IRIX 4Dwm - The IRIS Extended Motif Window Manager:

   $HOME/.desktop-<hostname>/0.0/4DWm or $HOME/.Sgiresources


When adding key modifiers to either the system 4Dwmrc or the user defined 4Dwmrc file in the home catalog I can get everything to work fine except, for the user root ?? Tried it on two different boxes with 6.5.22 and .27 IRIX and they behave the same.

Found the problem, on both my machines I had installed softwindows witch had placed a .Xdefaults in my root(s). That file disabled the /usr/lib/X11/system. 4Dwmrc and the /.4Dwmrc for the root user. Renaming .Xdefaults to fixed the problem and my 4Dwmrc files are now affective again and Sofwindwindows keymapping seems to still be OK.

It's not the presence of .Xdefaults that prevents keybinding overrides in your .4Dwmrc, but the presence of the 4Dwm*keyBindings: SoftWindowsKeys which I found in .Xdefaults. The .Xdefaults (and the .Sgiresources config) and the .4Dwmrc all co-exist happily, however you are cautioned on examining carefully each of these if things don't seem to be working right. I found, for example, my ov config being restored after a logout/login because it was defined both .Xdefaults and .Sgiresources.