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A1000/A500 86-pin to 100-pin Expansion

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                *      A1000/A500 86-pin to 100-pin Expansion      *
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	This HACK will allow an Amiga 1000 or 500 to use it's 86-pin expansion 
        connector as an A2000 100-pin slot!!!!!

	Parts Needed:
		1  100-pin edge connector (Female)
		1  86-pin  edge connector (Female)
		1  74LS86 TTL gate
		Ribbon Cable

	PLEASE Refer to included picture for building details:

        Try to keep the cable length a short as possible,
	longer cables tend to have noise problems. If used on
	a 1000 the PAL's should be grounded to help prevent
	noise problems.

	Also there may not be enough reserve power to run these
	cards on a stock A500 power supply.  Although I've had
	it working on a stock A500 with a GVP card ( 40Q + 2Meg)


  	The following products have been used successfully:

		Commodore A2091 w/40Q+2M
		GVP Series I w/40Q+2M  and w/105Q+2M
		GVP Series II w/40Q+8M
		SupraRam  w/8M
		Supra-zi Modems

	The GVP Series II is very susceptible to bus noise
	(probably because of the incrediable transfer rates it
	achieves). My original cable was about 7 inches, it worked 
	with all of the listed products except the Series II.  Making
	the cable shorter proved to be the answer.

	I've had this cable running for about 5 months on my 
	Amiga 1000 with a Spirit 1.5M Ram expansion and a 
	Commodore 2091 SCSI Controller (w/40M Quantum drive)

	If you find this usefull a ShareWare fee of $20 will
	be greatly appreciated. 

	Since I have found it somewhat difficult to find the
	86-pin and 100-pin edge connectors.  I have put together
	a Kit with all parts and instructions. This kit is 
	available with ShareWare Registration for $45+Shipping.