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AMIBIOS is a product line of BIOS chips from American Megatrends.

AMIBIOS offers advanced modularity, compatibility, and power to manage virtually every device in desktop PCs. AMIBIOS also includes the latest in industry technologies including Plug & Play, Advanced Power Management, PCI, and flash features for superior system control. Highly flexible AMIBIOS provides configuration and chipset functions that are OEM customizable with AMI's exclusive BIOS configuration program (BCP). Maintaining cutting edge technology, AMIBIOS offers OEMs significant advances to adapt to market demands such as:

  • Universal Serial Bus
  • Desktop Management Interface
  • Hot docking support
  • Quick boot


AMIBIOS and Windows 95

There are no known compatibility issues with Windows 95 and AMIBIOS. Nothing has been found in the Microsoft's Knowledge Base regarding any compatibility issues with AMIBIOS. If you experiencing problems with your motherboard, the manufacturer will have to resolve any issue you have, not AMI. Microsoft publishes hardware compatibility listings of all hardware products proven to work correctly under Windows 95. AMI suggests evaluating Microsoft's Hardware listing before choosing hardware for Windows 95.

AMIBIOS Beep Codes

1 beep	Refresh failure
2 beeps	Parity error
3 beeps	Base 64K memory failure
4 beeps	Timer not operational
5 beeps	Processor error
6 beeps	8042 - gate A20 failure
7 beeps	Processor exception interrupt error
8 beeps	Display memory read/write failure
9 beeps	ROM checksum error
10 beeps CMOS shutdown register read/write error
11 beeps Cache memory bad