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AMIBIOS to Provide Support for AMD-K6 MMX Family Processors - 04/1997

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ATLANTA - April 3, 1997--American Megatrends, Inc. (AMI) today announced AMIBIOS supports the new AMD-K6(TM) MMX processor from Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (AMD).

American Megatrends has engineered AMIBIOS to provide seamless integration with new technologies from the leading computer companies, including the new AMD-K6 MMX processor. AMIBIOS' flexibility allows system integrators to quickly implement AMD's new processor into current systems by working closely with AMI's BIOS engineers.

"AMD-K6 MMX processor was successfully tested on AMI's new Atlas PCI III motherboard which has been slated for release in April," AMI Software Sales Manager Mark Huffman stated. "AMI works diligently to provide support within AMIBIOS for all new technologies."

The AMD-K6 processor is the first in a family of powerful independently developed processors from AMD. The AMD-K6 is a Socket 7 compatible processor that enables PC manufacturers to take advantage of the existing infrastructure to deliver high performance personal computers at an affordable cost.

World renowned for its superior compatibility, AMIBIOS provides support for the latest technologies including USB, Ultra DMA, I2C, and other leading technologies. In addition, AMI has developed complete system manageability solutions that work closely with AMIBIOS. By increasing system manageability with its SystemGuru Software Suite, AMI helps reduce the total cost of computer ownership.

AMD is a global supplier of integrated circuits for the personal and networked computer and communication markets. Founded in 1969, AMD is based in Sunnyvale, California, and sales and manufacturing facilities worldwide.

In over half the computers in the world, American Megatrends specializes in creating superior, system level technologies including desktop BIOS, mobile BIOS, RAID products, motherboards, and utilities.