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ARK Logic 8100 Tiger 3D

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By dividing the memory bus as it does, Tiger 3D incurs no performance penalty when doing complex texture manipulations since the display buffer is isolated from all texture traffic. This texture memory, which can be configured to a maximum of 4 MB, reduces the amount of "texture thrashing" that typically occurs during the rendering process. This architecture also enables both double and triple buffering without affecting the number of textures that can be stored in local memory. In conjunction with a 64-bit frame buffer configurable to 8 MB, the Tiger 3D supports an advanced 3D-feature set at a very aggressive price point. Unlike comparable products in its class, the Tiger 3D has a very complete feature set. In addition to flat, Gouraud and specular shading and lighting, the Tiger 3D also incorporates 32-bit true color and a 24-bit Z-buffer with an 8-bit stencil buffer. Single pass bilinear and trilinear filtering plus alpha blending and edge anti-aliasing enable the device to compete with products that cost two to three times as much.

The Tiger 3D combines 2D-3D graphics, full video acceleration and a choice of PCI or AGP interfaces in a single, compact 272 PBGA package. It also features an extremely flexible memory controller, as EDO, SGRAM or SDRAM can be used for the frame buffer and texture memory. The 3D engine is capable of displaying a fully shaded, trilinear filtered, texture mapped, perspective corrected and Z buffered texel in a single clock cycle. This enable fill rates that approach over 110 million pixels per second. To feed the rendering engine's fill rate potential, a 1.7 million-polygon/second setup engine is implemented utilizing a vertex cache to maintain maximum throughput. Tiger 3D integrates a 250 MHz RAMDAC, 100 MHz pixel clock and a video accelerator which supports multiple hardware selected video windows. The device is fully compliant with PCI 2.1 and AGP 1.0 bus standards. The Video Peripheral Interface on Tiger 3D provides a VMI compatible bus for simultaneous input/output of video to support external TV tuners, complete DVD decoding solutions and output to high quality TV/Video encoders.

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