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AT&T Safari 3151

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The AT&T Safari 3151 was a i486 DX2 SL based laptop/notebook computer that was a re-badged Samsung Notemaster 486P. It also, oddly, shares specifications and Samsung model relations with the AT&T Globalyst 200 as it features an identical case design and nearly identical specifications.

Technical Details

The AT&T Safari 3151 was almost identical to the Globalyst 200 released not long afterward, and may have even been an early version of the Globalyst 200. It appears the Safari 3151 also was available in both DSTN and Active Matrix Color versions, just like the Globalyst 200.


  • Samsung Notemaster 486P style chassis w/light/dark gray & aqua AT&T color scheme
  • Intel 486 DX2 SL 50MHz CPU
  • 4MB of RAM On-Board, Expandable to 24MB
  • 1.44MB 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive
  • 120-540MB HDD, 2.5", IDE, ATA
  • Western Digital WD90C024 512K SVGA Graphics
  • 2x PCMCIA Type II Expansion Slots
  • NiMH Battery
  • MS-DOS 6.21/Windows 3.1 standard load from the factory

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