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AT&T Safari 3182

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The AT&T Safari 3182 was a re-branded NEC Versa 75E, and was likely released sometime in mid-late 1994. It was basically the same computer as the 3181, but with a 75MHz intel 80486 DX4 Clock tripled CPU. It differed from the NEC due to recoloring of the keyboard bezel and screen bezel to a lighter shade of gray, and turquoise power/standby buttons.

Techical Details

The AT&T Safari 3182 was released at the same time as the NEC Versa 75E series. As such, they are the same machine, just different colors.

  • Intel 486 DX4-75MHz CPU
  • Phoenix BIOS
  • 1.44MB 3.5" Floppy Drive, Removable to add an extra battery
  • HDD "Versapak" in 250, 320, ,or 540MB Capacities
  • WD 90C024 1MB SVGA Graphics with a choice of one of four screens
    • 640x480 DSTN Color LCD, 9.4"
    • 640x480 Active Matrix Color LCD, 9.4"
    • Possibly both were availible with 3M MicroTouch Technology as well
  • PCMCIA Type-II Slots x2
  • 7.2v 3400 mAH Nickel Metal Hydride Battery with 4 hours of runtime (rough)

The 3182 would be the last AT&T laptop using the NEC PC-4xx Versa platform that would be sold under the product line "Safari", being replaced with the "Globalyst" branding.