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A simple WAR DIALing SALT script for Telix

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                    A simple WAR DIALing SALT script for Telix
                                  release 1

                         by Burnin' of UNKNOWN Prez
                               Oct 16th, 2001


 War dialing. Also known as scanning. It's searching for BBSs and other useful
 systems by calling random phone numbers. It's somewhat similar to port
 scanning. War dialers are programs which do it automatically. War dialing is
 nowadays more needed than ever, because Internet (and especially WWW) has
 virtually wiped out FidoNet and other amateur networks. And FidoNet has
 several advantages like faster downloading, because the system's not on the
 other side of the planet (unless you, of course, *actually* call from the
 other side of planet  :), and the COMPLETE control over your site, because you
 own the machine that's running the BBS (that's possible also on iNet, but you
 do need some cash for it). The problem with the still existing systems is,
 that they disappear one after another so the BBS lists will be out of date and
 because of that nobody bothers to compile those lists anymore. And if some new
 system does get online then it doesn't get listed at all because there simply
 are no lists. Well now, and how on Earth are you supposed to know the number
 of a BBS? War dialing, that's the answer!

 The following script has been written in SAIL language and is meant for Telix,
 a (once?) very popular DOS based communication program.

----- cut here -------------- Begin of DIALER.SLT -------------- cut here -----
//  A very simple/basic/lame WAR DIALing SALT script for Telix
//  (C)left by CyberRax the Hacking One, 2001
//  Created @ 14:25 24.08.2001
//  Tested successfully on Telix 3.22
//  Usage: cut out this script
//         edit TheNumber to reflect wanted starting phone number
//         compile script (CS dialer.slt)
//         return (in)to TELIX
//         activate CAPTURING
//         run script
//         turn off the monitor and go to sleep
//         after waking, eating, turning on the monitor stop script and CAPTURE
//         exit Telix or shell to DOS
//         open capture file and search for 'online'
//         if it's there then some BBS found (phone number one line higher)
//         if 'online' is not present then you'll have to repeat the process on
//            the next night with other phone numbers and/or get a REAL war
//            dialer (like ToneLok)
//  Notes: if your phone has tone dialing then change DialString
//            to "ATDT00000"
//         run this script at night, because most BBS's aren't open 24h but are
//            open at night hours. Also it's more likely that by a voice call
//            the person won't get out of bed and to phone in time to pick it
//            up before the connection is terminated thus you won't have to pay
//            for the call, in case you happen to live in a country that has
//            minute-tax (BTW, a big FUCK YOU! flies out to Eesti Telefon (the
//            AT&T of Estonia) and a big greeting to Prody, the (possibly)
//            number one enemy of ET!)
//         it's assumed that 20 seconds is enough to dial a number and get so
//            far that a carrier is present
//         this script is made for phone numbers with 5 digits (in-county
//            numbers in Estonia) and has to be slightly modified to dial
//            longer numbers
//         this is my very first SAIL script, so forgive me that it's not very
//            elegant nor as optimized as it could be

str DialString[9] = "ATDP00000";        // String to send to modem
str NumberString[5];                    // Phone number as string
int TheNumber = 0;                      // Phone number
str TheTime[8];                         // Current time

itos(TheNumber,NumberString);           // Convert number to string
copystr(NumberString,DialString,4,5);   // Put phone number into DialString
                                        //   overwriting the zeroes
time(curtime(), TheTime);               // Get time
prints(TheTime);                        // Print it (for keeping track when
                                        //    exactly something was found)
cputs(DialString);                      // Send string to modem
cputs("^M");                            // ...with ENTER
delay_scr(200);                         // Wait 20 seconds (for dialing and
                                        //    receiving info)
if (carrier())                          // If carrier then probably a BBS...
   prints("We are online!");            // print string
HANGING:                                // Terminate connection
if (hangup() == 0)                      // If failed repeat until
   GOTO HANGING;                        // ...we succeed
delay_scr(20);                          // Sleep for 2 seconds
++TheNumber;                            // Increase phone number by 1
GOTO ACTION;                            // Repeat whole process
----- cut here --------------- End of DIALER.SLT --------------- cut here -----


 This script is, as already said, very simple and probably worthless, because
 who's nowadays still interested in BBSs or DOS anyway? But if nothing else
 than let this code be a memory for the glorious days of BBS hacking.