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About OpenDocª

What is OpenDoc?

OpenDoc is a new plug-in software architecture that lets you extend the usefulness of your applications by easily adding new functionality. OpenDoc uses software componentsÑcalled partsÑthat can be dragged-and-dropped into documents created by any OpenDoc-aware application. You can combine parts from different Mac OS software developers to add tables, graphs, outlines, and even live Internet resources into your documents. Since OpenDoc is a cross-platform technology, documents created with OpenDoc can work across different computer platforms, including Mac OS, Windows, UNIX, and OS/2.

What does OpenDoc install?

Installing OpenDoc adds the following items to your Power PC computer (note that you can install OpenDoc on PowerPC computers only):

¥ OpenDoc system software (in the Extensions folder)

¥ the Stationery folder (at the root level of your hard disk)

¥ the Editors folder (in the System Folder)

OpenDoc system software

After you install OpenDoc system software, your computer is ready to use OpenDoc parts and OpenDoc-aware applications from popular Mac OS software developers. 

The Stationery folder

When you install an OpenDoc part, part stationery is placed in the Stationery folder. You can either double-click the stationery icon to create a new document or drag the stationery into another document to add functionality to any OpenDoc-aware application or document. OpenDoc stationery can be placed anywhere on you hard disk. You do not have to leave it in the Stationery folder. 

The Editors folder

When you install OpenDoc parts, the part editors are placed in the Editors folder. Editors are like mini-applications that handle different types of data, such as text, graphics, or Internet information. Once an editor is installed, it works something like a system extensionÑits functionality is available but you donÕt open or use the editor itself. To use an editor, you need to locate the editorÕs stationery (in the Stationery folder on the root level of your hard drive). 

IMPORTANT  All of your OpenDoc editors should be located in the Editors folder (inside the System Folder). Otherwise, OpenDoc will not be able to locate the editors.

Where can I get more information?

To get OpenDoc parts, contact your application developers to find out if they support OpenDoc, or see Apple's OpenDoc web site at http://opendoc.apple.com.


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Apple,  the Apple logo, AppleShare, Mac, and OpenDoc  are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.  UNIX is a registered trademark of Novell, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries, licensed exclusively through X/Open Company, Ltd. 

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