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AboveNet Communications was founded and incorporated in February 1996. AboveNet is conveniently located at the Fairmont Plaza Building less than one block from MAE-West.

AboveNet is positioned at the Network Layer only, providing a platform for both the content and access providers. AboveNet is the only “providers’ provider” that can offer non-competitive ISP Co-location, which is the necessary “other half” of the ISX equation.

AboveNet's Internet Service Exchange consolidates connectivity and communications resources at one physical location to provide non-stop, non-congested bandwidth to access and content providers.

AboveNet Vision

The Internet changed from a point to point communication based e-mail application to a point to content based Web application with the on-set of the World Wide Web in 1993. The massive bandwidth needs of WWW content, which is spread out across the “flat” network architecture of the Internet, has caused congestion, unreliability and poor manageability.

Maintaining a webserver’s Internet connectivity 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, free of bandwidth congestion, has proven to be a monumental task for companies with “mission critical” usage of the Internet for their business. This is especially true for those “Webcentric” companies whose entire business revolve around the Internet. These include content providers, presence providers (Web hosting services), access providers (ISPs, IAPs, POPs…), commerce servers, service providers (search engines, news), mission critical intranets and extranets and high bandwidth users such as audio and video streaming.

Constructing a facility that is non-stop, fault tolerant, redundant and secure can be cost prohibited. Finding the technical expertise within an organization to establish non-congested, fault tolerant and redundant connectivity to the Internet can be extremely difficult and expensive. Lastly, maintaining this facility and connectivity to the Internet 24 x 7, 365 days per year can be overwhelming. It simply takes businesses away from their core competency.

Outsourcing this function is the solution. Although various ISPs to date have attempted to fill this need, no one has exclusively made “Co-Location” their business until AboveNet introduced its WebCondo product (solution) in September 1996. Our exclusive emphasis on Co-Location is, in a way, a horizontal segmentation of the “network” layer of the ISO 7 layer telecommunications model.