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Accessing GEnie Free

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                                 TIC INC.


                            The Information Center

                             Accessing GEnie Free
            A Brief Tutorial on How to Beat the High Cost of Genie

This is Tic Inc's First File in "The Information Center" Series. Each
will deal with a different hacking or phreaking topic.  We welcome
all of you to pass this file around to the many fine and dedicated
Hack-Phreak Informational Boards out there!  We hope to follow in
the Footsteps of the Infamous 'Phrack Magazine' and 'The CULT of the Dead Cow
FunFiles'.  We are in no way trying to out-do or shun either of these great
information groups.  We applaud their knowledge and urge them to keep up
the good work.

   Written And Compiled by:
   The Professor
   The Sparrow
   The Perplexer

   TIC ----- INC
   Released: 11/27/87
   Call our Hotline:(405)/557-8087!


I.  What Is GEnie?

  GEnie Itself stands for:General Electric Network for Information Exchange.
It is an Information Service where all computer users can meet and talk
about various subjects.  Such as, on the
Liverwire 'CB Simulator' you can talk to many other people directly thru your
keyboard at one time!  Or there are different SIG Groups (Special Interest
Groups) similar to sub bases
on home bbs's where you can post/talk about programming etc...(for each
computer type).  Play online games with other users and by yourself, or even
access an online Encyclopedia.

II. More Features Of GEnie (directly from advertisement/Tp-comments by me)

  Make Friends           (Tp:Dont think the owner of the credit card you used
                         will be too friendly. Do You?)
  Schedule Meetings      (all you hackers can convene in the 'CB Area'
  Gather Facts & Figures (such as how to hack certain systems)

  Set-up Travel Reservations (You're gonna piss the owner of that card off)

  Get the News

  Be entertained         (At GEnie's expense, Pretty Amusing Huh?!)

  Even shop for a fraction of what other Info. Services Cost (Tp: Yeah, Free)

III. How Much does GEnie Cost?

  Registration Fee:$18.00    Non-Prime Time Rates:(300/1200)$5.00/hr
                             Prime-Time Rates:(300/1200)$35.00/hr
                             Tic Inc Rate:(300/1200/2400/9600)Free!
  Direct quote from GEnie ad:Stay On Longer For Less(hehehe, if they only

How To Get Free Account On GEnie:

Step I:
    Call:1800-638-8369  go in at HALF DUPLEX; Type HHH [return]

Step II:
    At U#:xjm11858,genie(type that pw at U#prompt)

Step III:
    Then it will say some stuff about GEnie, and then proceed to ask you what
    country are you from. Enter United States.

Step IV:
    Then It will ask your full name
    (exp:Smith, John J.) Note:it doesn't have to be the correct name of the
    credit card you have.  But if you have the persons name of the credit card
    your using then use that name. ( just make up middle initial, if you dont
    have it).  I even used Fred Flintstone and it worked!

Step V:
    It will ask you to Enter Your Residence Address(2 lines). Make it up
    totally; does not matter.

Step VI:
    Ask If you wish same Mailing address? (type 'yes' or return for the same)

Step VII:
    It will ask you for your
    Home Phone Number(any number is alright! but make sure it is in the same
    NPA pertaining to the state you said you lived in! also, make sure it
    is a correct exchange(dont use:516-123-4567!)

Step VIII:
    Ask For Daytime Number(return for same as home number)

Step IX:
    Next, It will ask you for your Mother's Maiden Name(anything will do)

Step X:
    Ask you to pick your 'Access Number'(explained later) that you will be
calling GEnie at. Note:Pick anyone they have for your particular state you
said you were from, it doesnt matter what access number you call to get on
GEnie! (I call a different state's access number each time)

Step XI:
  Method of Payment!
  3)Discover Card(only when calling an access number to fill out app!)
  4)American Express
  5)Checkfree -Checking acct payment(dont pick this)

Pick the one that you have a Valid Credit Card for (not your own! someone
else's). Then it will
proceed to ask you the cards Number and Exp. Date(be sure to have both)If the
card is valid and no more than two accounts are filled out using that same
card then it will continue telling you info. on genie.  It will ask you to
type:AGREE (do so) then it will
tell you to get ready to open your buffer to capture your password!

Note:You must have a correct zipcode for the state and city you say you are
from when filling out your address!
Example(address):239 W. Egg street
                 New York, NY 10103

(That is the correct zip code, that has to be right, you cant make up a
zipcode.  GEnie knows all the zipcodes!)
Also, Discover card isn't a choice on the 1800 dialup, Only when you call a
GEnie 'ACCESS NUMBER'.  Another thing is that you can use the same
card twice on GEnie then it will no longer except anymore accounts for that
certain card.  Rumor has it that GEnie even accepts dead creditcards i havent
tried that.

The GEnie Pw will look similar to this when it tells you to open your buffer
then press so and this is what will appear on your screen!

*     GEnie Account Information                 *
*                                               *
*  John D. Doe                                  *
*  239 W.  Egg Street(or whatever address !!)   *
*  New York, NY, 10103                          *
*                                               *
*  V XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX                        *
*  ^-Card type, visa in this case/X's=card #!   *
*                                               *
* U# = XTH12345 (that is your id number)        *
* Temporary Password = abcdefgh (password!)     *
* GE Mail Address = XXXXXXXXXXXXX (whatever!)   *
* Then dial your local access (any access #!)   *
* number: 516-294-9170 (or whatever access# you *
*                      (chose!)any access #is ok*
* Upon connection type HHH. At the              *
* U#= prompt:                                   *
* enter your U#:xth12345abcdefgh (ID and pw to- *
*                                 gether!)      *
*  Note: Go in at half duplex!                  *
*  Your account will be ready:                  *
*  Monday November 30 at 6PM                    *
*  [your acct. is usually going to be ready the *
*  following day after 6:00pm (of the timezone of*
*  the state you said you were from) if it is   *
*  otherwise it will tell you!                  *
*IS RELATIVELY USELESS...                       *

Another way to fill out an application instead of dialing the 800 number is
to dial an ACCESS NUMBER (there will be a list of access numbers later, all
known ones to Genie)

Procedure for filling out application on an access number:
Step I:
  Dial access Number (ex:516-294-9170 N.Y. access #)
  follow same procedures for logging on, hit HHH go in at half duplex!
Step II:
  At U#(prompt,enter):genie(press return)
Step III:
Then follow same precedures for the 800 GEnie dialup! you can do this at
any  GEnie access number. The access numbers are the numbers you call to get
onto genie by using your special U#-after filling out app. that you stored
into buffer!

GEnie Command Summary for The 'CB Simulator':
This is where you can type to other GEnie users that are on at the same time
you are.

These CB cmds make the CB easier and fun to
use...Each Command starts with a  slash(/) and is followed by a command
word.  Only the first three (3) letters of the command are needed.  A command
can be entered any time you are on the CB.  (that is after you have gone onto
the CB itself)

Here is a list of the current Commands in affect as of now:

  /HELp - This gives you a brief list and summary of commands.
  /BYE  - This is used to sign off of the CB and hang up the Phone. Everyone
          on the CB will see that you have logged off. The Message will
be:<John Doe> is off  /CALl jj - This is used to get the attention of
another person on the CB.  For example, you might want to reach someone who
is in the private mode.(explained later) you can use this command to let them
know your waiting for them.

  jj-job number, you can find a job number of an individual by hitting /sta,
  or /sho(explained later)
  /CHAnnel cc - This is used to change from one channel to another.  The cc
is meant to be the channel number you want to select.  For example, if you
are on channel 13 and you want to move to channel 27, enter the command:/CHA27
  /ECHo - This turns on the echo mode.  When you are in the echo mode, you
will see your messages, as well as the messages of everyone sharing your
channel.  To turn off the echo mode, issue the command /XEC.
  /EXIt - This signs you off the CB and returns you to the GEnie menu.  The
same as /QUIt.(this doesnt hang you up like /BYE)
  /HANdle hh - This allows you to change your handle.  For example, the
command:  /HAN NERD will
change your handle to NERD! the command /HAN will display your current
  /MONitor cc - This allows you to monitor (listen) to up to 4 channels,
besides the one you are on.  You can only talk on one channel, but you can
listen up to 5!

- Same as /EXIt.
  /PRIvate jj - This lets you enter private mode with another user.  They
will recieve a message saying Job jj (your number) requests them in private
mode to answer yes...they type /Pri jj(your number) and you are thus in
private mode with
them....note:during private mode no one can see what you say not even
To exit private mode just type /XPRI.
  /SCRamble kkkk - This is used [email protected] your messages.  Messages will appear
scrambled to anyone who does not know the key kkkk.  To
use this command, first decide on a four (4) character key word.  Then
exchange this key among your group of people that you wish to talk to and
dont want others to listen.  After logon, each member issues the same /SCR
command.(ex:/SCRhack) Then text will
appear clear to all members.  While in the scramble mode, you will also
see other messages that aren't scrambled.(note:this is good to put on a bbs
everyone call GEnie at 9:00pm on friday and goto channel 39 and type
/SCRhack, thus having a hack/phreak conference, et. alia...)
  /SHOw hh - This command displays the Job #, City, and state of the job with
handle hh.  The display is similar to that of the /WHO command.
  /SQUelch jj - This command allows you to squelch unwanted output from job
jj.  If you find
a person offensive/annoying then squelch them.  They will see a message
that you have squelched them.  From that point on, you will see none of their
messages.  Use the /XSQcommand to unsquelch them.
  /STAtus cc - This command allows you to see all
the stats of everyone on the same channel with you (handle,city,state,job
numbers etc...) The cc is the channel number you want the status of.  If the
channel number is omitted, the status of your current channel is shown.  Here
are 3 examples of this command:

    /STA - displays the status of the current channel
    /STA 15 - displays the status of channel 15
    /STA * -  displays the status of all channels!
    /TIMe - This command displays the current time and day. It is the catalog
            time, currently GMT
    /USErs -  This command displays a chart showing the number of users on each
active channel.  It is the same chart displayed during logon, but it is
updated showing the current balance of users.
    /WHO jj - Will identify a certain job number.
    /XECho - This command turns off the echo mode.
    /XMOnitor - Turns of Monitor mode.
    /XPRivate - Takes you out of private mode.
    /XSCramble - turns off scramble mode.
    /XSQuelch - turns off squelch mode.

Here are a few zipcodes (not many but you can use these as much as you want)

  City              State         Zipcode
  New York           NY           10103
  Grafton            WV           26350
  Needham            MA           02194
  Portland           OR           97229
  Wheeling           IL           60090
  Laguna Hills       CA           92653
  Newport            RI           02840
  State College      PA           16804
  Northbrook         IL           60065
  Champaign          IL           61820
  Mountain View      CA           94043
  Columbus           OH           43220
  Vancouver          WA           98661
  Arlington Heights  IL           60004
  Cambridge          MA           02139
  Wynantskil         NY           12198
  Vienna             VA           22180
  Barrington         IL           60010
  Jersey Shore       PA           17740
  Seattle            WA           98109
  Salina             KS           67401
  Lexington          MA           02173
  San Jose           CA           95158
  Blawnox            PA           15238
  Minneapolis        MN           55430
  San Francisco      CA           94111
  Fort Lauderdale    FL           33314
  Latham             NY           12110

Well that is enough zipcodes(etc..) for you, for now. It doesn't matter
where you say you are from, anyway.
Quickly edited by F. Gibe, 12/23/87