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ActionLine is a new tool that gives designers, architects, graphic artists, and Web authors the ability to build highly dynamic, interactive multimedia-rich Web sites, without programming or scripting. It utilizes Java technology to allow the creation of Web pages that contain many desired features of interactive CD-ROMs such as rollover buttons, image transitions, image scrolling, animations, self-running time dependent pages, and other dynamic behaviors.

The ActionLine Advantage

Using a unique, patented graphical user interface, ActionLine may be learned in under two hours. Its simplicity of design belies the powerful, object oriented media control that provides authors of all levels a simple method for expression their ideas, without the need for programming or scripting. Because of its independence from standard HTML authoring environments, designers have total control and free-form placement of image, text, animation, and sound elements on the Web page.

The only authoring tool to provide a printable blueprint of all interactive relationships, ActionLine was designed for rapid and easy editing and revision by individuals and design teams.

The resulting Java applets created by ActionLine can be delivered to any server and viewed by any client machine with a Java enabled browser such as Netscape 3.0 or Internet Explorer 3.0.

Designed for the Mac! Designed on the Mac, for the Mac, ActionLine supports many unique Mac technologies including: QuickTime 2.5 for direct support of Gif and JPEG images, QuickTime movies, midi tracks, and QuickTime VR objects.

  • Drag and Drop - all media elements, entire pages, and interactive elements can be copied and pasted into new pages, which allows the creation of templates.
  • Clipping extension - clipped elements can be dragged directly into any ActionLine document.


  • Simple graphical linking to create ActionLinks
  • Over 100 interactive commands are available
  • Easy layout and control of animation paths
  • Layout aids for alignment of and positioning of media objects and portals
  • Timing and synchronization of individual events and entire pages
  • Dynamic display of images and text using transitions
  • Dynamic scrolling of images and text in horizontal and vertical planes
  • Ability to disable or hide various interactive regions of the page
  • Create links to other URLs on local and remote servers
  • Supports frames and provides for unique applets in each frame


Selected by Guy Kawasaki, Apple Fellow, as one of the hottest new Mac products for 1997.

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