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Only a year after opening its doors in 1979, Activision launched a series of multi-million selling Atari titles: the Pitfall series, Kaboom! and River Raid. In 1983, Activision completed a successful public offering and established a European beachhead (located in the U.K.) to address growing international interest. During the same period, Infocom (now an Activision label), the popular publisher and owner of text adventures, published its first title in the Zork series of adventures. Zork ultimately became the best-selling adventure series of all time with five sequels and two spin-offs.

Activision is a diversified international developer and publisher of interactive multimedia entertainment software dedicated to delivering the highest levels of entertainment, production values and technological sophistication. Activision maintains complete platform independence in order to pursue production for current or upcoming video games, computer and multimedia platforms. Products targeted at adults, teens and children as well as Activision's commitment to platform independence, insure virtually limitless market opportunities today and in the future.

Recognizing the direction in which interactive entertainment production was headed, Activision left its long-time home in Menlo Park, California in 1991 to relocate to Los Angeles, the film industry's base of creative and production talent. Activision's commitment to Hollywood involves the finest talent for writing scripts, game concepts, musical scores and for providing recognized acting talent, actors and Academy Award-winning animators and sound effects specialists. Original intellectual properties, traditionally reserved for feature films, television and print, became an integral part of Activision's development mission. The result: innovative interactive entertainment.

Games released under Activision

Software titles released under Activision