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Dated 06/30/1997. Original document can be found at

          The following is a summarized transcript of a chat held on June 30,1997 on the Macline server <>.  The chat provided users with a chance to ask Adam Hinkley, CEO and Head of Software Development for Hotline Communications <>, questions regarding the future of the Hotline suite. Also attending was David Bordin, Hotline Communications' CFO (, and Phil Hilton, Hotline Communications' Director of Public Relations (

         Phil:  ARE YOU READY?!?!?
 *** Phil undoes Hinks' chainsÉÉÉÉ
         Phil:  now.. where is that keyÉÉÉ
         Phil:  ohÉ here it isÉ
         Phil:  RELEASE THE HOUNDS!!!
        CŒdre:  Its hinks!
        _GNU_:  hinks!!
Noah (34) [62:  Hinks baby!
        Piggy:  hi HInks
        Piggy:  :)
     redbeard:  hey Hinks!
     Klaruzª :  hilo hinks
        hinks:  hi all!
        Piggy:  yay!
        hinks:  haven't been here for awhile :)
        Misha:  hinks!
     redbeard:  speech! speech!
        CŒdre:  He IS ALIVE I TELL YOU ALIVE!!!
        Misha:  Hi!
Noah (34) [62:  Hinks, how are you enjoying Win32 APIs?
        Misha:  I have always wanted  to meet you!
        hinks:  Noah - win32 is quite easy for the beaten path, but don't stray too far off that beaten path!
Noah (34) [62:  hinks man, I'm learning java now :)
        hinks:  I hate java :)
Noah (34) [62:  I hated java till I really looked it over... it's nicer and cleaner than C++, and the class libraries are gorgous.
        _GNU_:   hinks: can't you release some b21r3 or smth?   I h8 to wait!
       hinks:  noah - yes if I didn't have any libraries, I would probably prefer java.  But I have my own C++ libs
       hinks:  a new version of hotline will be released at the end of july no matter what!
         Info:  do you think that java is ever going to defeat C++ as the industry standard hinks?
        hinks:  info - no way.  Imagine an operating system written with java.  eek I hate to think
  ÀÄ¿¯£Ï¶zµÀ:  hinks, what's gonna be new in b22, give us the specs
        hinks:  since I'm saying that there WILL be a new version end of july, I'm not going to make any guarantees as to what it will contain.  So far, it has:  high-speed bug fix (works great over high-speed connections) and various other bug fixes
        Volky:  what exactly makes chat blank?
       hinks:  ohh you mean when you have too much chat - that's a difficult one to fix
       hinks:  it's QD limit
       hinks:  32767 pixels
Noah (34) [62:  hinks - just drop the text off the top, rather than the bottom!
        hinks:  making the window WIDER makes it reappear because it decreases the height of the chat and usually gets it under the 32767 pixel limit
        hinks:  noah - easier to fix it properly :)
         Arlo:  hinks, can you give any word on enhanced features like threaded news or private chat?
        hinks:  arlo - not a lot has happened on those, but I would like to get one of those into the july release
         Arlo:  Cool. I guess the pc port has sucked your time up      
	       hinks:  arlo - and still is
       DKŽRª:  Is it true that Hotline gives preference to fast connections over slower ones?
        hinks:  DKŽR - Hotline doesn't know the difference between a fast connection and a slow one
       DKŽRª:  Oho kay
         .org:   hinks: didn't you make a fast speed version that isn't released yet?
        hinks:  .org - not a fast version, a new version that works fine with high speed connections
      MacNetª:  heh...Hinks must have like 10 questions in his queue :)
        hinks:  not to mention priv msgs!
  ÀÄ¿¯£Ï¶zµÀ:  hinks, won't custom icons um...steal bandwidth!?
        hinks:  custom icons - it would be optional as to whether or not you load them
        Teron:  any chance to have HL running on 2 or 3 servers via one app?
        Teron:  instead of me duping HL thrice
        Teron:  to access three servers at once...
        hinks:  HL multi-connect - that's for version 2
Etern@lDr@gon:  How to I subscribe to the Hotline Users List?
         Phil:  send a "subscribe digest Hotline" command to:
    rorschach:   hinks: how about optional ports for the server?
        hinks:  rorschach - on my To Do list
ª¥¶°MŒzer eat:  hinks, maybe as there is a news file that is simple text.. and you can create a file called agreement.. maybe an idea of a graphic if a site would like to have a graphic when people log on?
        hinks:  MŒzer - support for graphics also on my To Do list.  PNG to begin with
     Klaruzª :  we need threaded news, ok?
        hinks:  Klaruz - yes, news is the most important thing.  It's really annoying the way it is now
Justin [k]ase:  The RESUME bug is annoying.
        hinks:  resume bug on uploads has been fixed
        hinks:  will be in the EOJ (End Of July) release
Noah (34) [62:  Hinks, why don't most FTP clients suffer from the 100K bug for uploads?
        hinks:  the 100K/sec bug on uploads - EOJ release is a little more accurate, but still not as accurate as it could be (due to a problem in OT).   I could make it more accurate, but it would be bad for performance
        hinks:  I could fix the 100K/sec bug (and make it like most FTP clients), but it would be bad for performance (and the same goes for those FTP apps)
Noah (34) [62:  oh, I didn't realize those FTP apps had a performance penalty. 
Noah (34) [62:  Yeah, hinks, what's the timeframe on enhancements to the file section such as: aliases, copies/moves, and dragging onto a CLOSED folder (make it as Tempo-like as possible!). In Tempo, option-drag copies, command-option drag makes an alias.
        CŒdre:  Hinks, I can't connect to the Tracker list!  I uploaded a text to you before but you never responded.  Noah tried to help but we could figure it out.
         hinks:  noah - after the news, I would like to make the file lists more finder like.  And I mean REALLY finder like ;)
        hinks:  cadre - you probably pasted carriage returns or spaces etc into the tracker address.  try quitting hotline, trashing your prefs file, then type in the new address and be careful not to put carriage returns etc in the address
Noah (34) [62:  Hinks, what about the graphic "schmutz" in the windows if you're using Tempo?
        hinks:  noah - soon as I get macos 8, I'll fix that and other problems
    C´berTrap:  make the PC version look like MacOS8
        hinks:  PC version has win95 style buttons etc
      Imagine:  you shall see in the year 2000. hotline shall have java
        hinks:  imagine - no java version, ever
       g¿rkÆ :  what about an "archie" style server for search files?
        hinks:  archie style search engine on to do list
         Arlo:  ...and will pc files reside happily on the same servers as mac files?
        hinks:  arlo - pc files on mac server will work.  mac files on pc server - you'll loose the resource fork
  ÀÄ¿¯£Ï¶zµÀ:  hinks, so you goona make plugins?
        hinks:  fooled - more important things to do first
ª¥¶°MŒzer eat:  i just had an idea hinks..  auto unstuff for hotline..  after you download a file it unstuffs it automatically.. like AOL does and when you download WWW files...
         Arlo:  You can make Context menu pkug-ins now...imagine a plug in so hotline:// addresses could be cntrl-selected in text and open right up in HL...
        hinks:  mazer - you can do that with stuffit expander watch folders
        hinks:  arlo - you can already command-click on hotline:// addresses (provided you have IC)
   ¤mokinpope:  Hinks - how will trackers distinguish between PC's and mac's?
        hinks:  ¤mokinpope - they won't.  But I might put a tracker message in so tracker admins can say "This tracker is only for MAC servers"
         Arlo:  Well, in the tracker instead of the generic server icons there now, you could have a mac icon, pc icon, and a generic icon...
        hinks:  arlo - just because it's running on windoze, doesn't mean it is a windoze server
      MacCroz:  Hinks, I have seen a new interface for the tracker floating around, is that legitimate?
        hinks:  maccroz - it wasn't made by us.
      MacCroz:  how about a bunch of view options...
        hinks:  maccroz - yes, going to make all lists sortable by whatever
         buzz:  oh yeah, hinks, how about a find file? heh
        hinks:  already on The List
  Infininight:   hinks: Log to file option
        hinks:  already on The List
      MacCroz:  hinks, are there Kangaroos in Melbourne?
        hinks:  maccroz - absolutely, the kangaroos hop down the street, and those damn koalas keep nesting in the buildings
        Smurf:  hinks, i think each server should have an internal email system
        hinks:  there are far better things to do than email
        hinks:  just take a look at eudora and claris emailer - given the standard of those programs, it's far better to do things that haven't been done before
        Smurf:  Hinks, an ignore option in Chat rooms is strongly needed 
        hinks:  smurf - yes but not as strongly needed as the new news
      Imagine:  umm UNIX HL Servers is a really really really good idea hinks
        hinks:  imagine - might do a unix version.   Altho NOT before the win version
    ¡PowerPCª:  will the pc version of hotline have the same new stuff that b22 have?
        hinks:  powerpc - the pc version will have the same features as the mac version.  Certainly no more though
     redbeard:  how long will we be in betaland? When will there ever be a real release?
        hinks:  redbeard - the first final version will have have the new news
   ¤mokinpope:  Hinks - what would you rather see: plug-ins or applescript add ons?
        hinks:  I would rather see plugins than applescript
     petervdh:   hinks: what about private file sending?
       hinks:  private file sending - low priority since you can just start your own server
    ¡PowerPCª:  will b22 be kind of like firstclass?
       hinks:  uhhh I think a lot of people would complain :)
      MacCroz:  IDEA: Instead of limiting the number of downloads, could you also add a feature to limit the number of connections?
       hinks:  maccroz - already on the list.
   ¤mokinpope:  hinks could you make them (plug-ins)so they can be user altered so they could become more specialised?
        hinks:  ¤mokinpope - that would be up to  the developer of the plugin, not me.
Noah (34) [62:  hinks, I think some form of IP ban is really necessary, after all the crap *NAME OMITTED* put us through.
       hinks:  last questions then I'm off!
Noah (34) [62:  Hinks, are ya coming to Macworld?
       hinks:  yeah I'll prolly have to put bans in when the PC vers is out (NOT pc bans, ip bans)
        hinks:  noah - doubt it
        hinks:  cyaz!!!!!!
    ÙMacPeteÙ:  thanks, adam!
        Volky:  later 
    ÙMacPeteÙ:  :)
Justin [k]ase:  C ya
    ÙMacPeteÙ:  pleasure chatting
 Dead Milkman:  BYE HINKS
         Zeus:  Hinks is gone!

         Phil:  Ladies and Gentlemen, Hinks Has Left The BuildingÉ

                ©1997, Hotline Communications; <>

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