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This document contains both parts of the transcript. Original documents also available:

Adam Hinkley Chat Transcript - Part 1 of 2
From Monday, August 17th, 1998 @ 7:00 PM Central
At the LIME Hotline Server: hotline://

Mach (Msg Que:  get ready people!
   J. Stewart:  Heya Adam.
MakNet (Msg. :  Told 'ya he'd be here...
        hinks:  hellloooo all!
Mach (Msg Que:  Ok people: Hinks is in the buidling!
prosthetic he:  yay
        Bugg´:  welcome adam! =)
        hinks:  thx
Mach (Msg Que:  Ok before we get started...
Mach (Msg Que:  Guest chat is off.
MakNet (Msg. :  Leave it on for another 5 min.
MakNet (Msg. :  If Adam doesn't mind
        hinks:  fine with me
Agasthya (Msg:  ON!
     Taliesin:  how's the weather in australia?
        hinks:  it's overcast but not too cold here today
        hinks:  next q?
MakNet (Msg. :  Does it get cold there?
Rud´(Question:  adam> can you send me a kangaroo?
MakNet (Msg. :  It's winter now, right?
        hinks:  yes it's winter, but doesn't get cold, doesn't snow
MakNet (Msg. :  Cool
Agasthya (Msg:  Guest chat off
        hinks:  rudy - sure, I'll lend you  my kangaroo that I ride to work on every day
MakNet (Msg. : this is quaint.
MakNet (Msg. :  Message us your questions then
MakNet (Msg. :  Do you live in the city or not? What kinds of animals do you have roaming in your backyard? And wallabies or tarantulas?
MakNet (Msg. :  And = any...
Mach (Msg Que:  Alright before we get started
        hinks:  I live in the suburbs, but it's not too far to drive to the city center
        hinks:  contrary to what most people think, australia is not crawling with wallabies and kangaroos :)
MakNet (Msg. :  And animals in yoru backyard? What kinds?
MakNet (Msg. :  Ok...
        hinks:  the only animals roaming the backyard are birds
Mach (Msg Que:  We'd like to welcome Hinks (hi). Guest chat is off. PLease no name changing. Ready Adam?
        hinks:  yep
MakNet (Msg. :  From the extremely practical, to the completely nonsensical, we'll ask them to Mr. Hinkley tonight...
MakNet (Msg. :  First question
MakNet (Msg. :  More of an ice-breaker...
MakNet (Msg. :  Are beers in Australia anything like those "Foster's" commercials on American TV? (i.e. are they huge?)
Mach (Msg Que:  Yes. I have a can/
        hinks:  we have fosters here, but let me assure you it's not like Crocodile Dundee :)
zarf (Msg. Qu:  I have a PC why is it that when i am on the tracker looking around,Why is it that the PC users get like this blue screen on the comp..What is that all about..
MakNet (Msg. :  Noah asks if you drink real aussie beer like Cooper's rather than fake aussie beer like Foster's? :-)
        hinks:  the blue screen is a crash
 *** hinks is not much of a beer fan actually
Agasthya (Msg:  what's hinks's version of the story about why he's no longer at hotline?
MakNet (Msg. :  that's pretty much the biggie right there
Mach (Msg Que:  when did you leave? why? etc..
        hinks:  ok, that's a big question I'm sure everyone wants to  know
        hinks:  yeah
        hinks:  Well, basically I was naive and got sucked into signing a bad deal
        hinks:  and now I've lost control of Hotline
Mach (Msg Que:  was there a specific incident?
        hinks:  yes, signing the deal
MakNet (Msg. :  But what made you leave?
        hinks:  I should never have gotten involved with the company
MakNet (Msg. :  Have you officially left?
        hinks:  as so many people have said to me, the company ruined everything
Mach (Msg Que:  so you are not on leave?
        hinks:  I mean, for starters, when was the last major update to hotline?
        hinks:  so long ago I can't even remember
MakNet (Msg. :  December maybe?
         zarf:  the last time was when private chat was implemented
        hinks:  that's right, I am NOT on leave as Jason Roks would have you believe
         zarf:  that was a while ago
Mach (Msg Que:  Do you still own company shares? Was Hotline profitable for you?
MakNet (Msg. :  Stop changing names
        hinks:  yes I still own a percentage of the company (not that it does much good for me currently)
MakNet (Msg. :  What were the specifics of the deal?
        hinks:  hotline - the company - was not profitable for me
MakNet (Msg. :  We're serious. Keep your names. You choose
Agasthya (Msg:  Who owns the rights to AW? Are you still working on it?
        hinks:  ALL of the money I earnt before the company, I have now lost due to the company
MakNet (Msg. :  How so?
        hinks:  paying for flights overseas, accomodation, then legal expenses etc etc
MakNet (Msg. :  Oh...we see
MakNet (Msg. :  What are you doing now?
Mach (Msg Que:  legal expenses?
Mach (Msg Que:  speaking of which..
        hinks:  the company owns the rights to Hotline etc, which is why I can't work on hotline anymore
Mach (Msg Que:  Jason Roks accused you of stealing money, that's false, correct?
        hinks:  he did???  jeez
        hinks:  there wasn't any money to steal
MakNet (Msg. :  Could you make a completely new client? Would that be legal? Too much work?
        hinks:  yes a lot of people have asked me that, but hotline communications really have me screwed - I'm not allowed to compete with the company
Mach (Msg Que:  Do you own any of the company still?
        hinks:  and a new client would compete with the company
        hinks:  so not allowed to do that
MakNet (Msg. :  that's terrible...
        hinks:  that must have been someone from hotline comms :)
Agasthya (Msg:  heh
         zarf:  most likly
MakNet (Msg. :  accd. to Roks, Hinks basically walked out on a 51% stake in the company, and still technically owns that stake... what's the real story?
Mach (Msg Que:  Stop msging me questions for a sec plz
Mach (Msg Que:  Roks also claims you encrypted all of the Hotline code, is that anoter lie?
        hinks:  51% is incorrect, it's less than that, and I still own it, but the problem is it doesn't do any good - I have no control over hotline, and that's what matters
Mach (Msg Que:  that's rough :(
        hinks:  it's not a lie that I encrypted code, I had to, to save my butt - if I hadn't I would have had absolutely NO bargaining power and the company could screw me even further
Agasthya (Msg:  Is there is any consequence to competeing w/hlcomm, and if so, what it is.
        hinks:  the consequence is hl comm will most likely sue me if I do
         Mach:  Ok, moving along
         Mach:  this topic seems to be covered :)
        hinks:  they've already threatened me
        hinks:  I think now everyone who uses Hotline needs to decide whether they want the creator of hotline working on hotline, or a company that has obviously failed to deliver results
         Mach:  Do you know what the future holds for Hotline? New protocol? Changes?
        hinks:  I leave it up to the users to decide that, and then take action
         Mach:  We assume you would like to be working on Hotline again, then?
        hinks:  let me assure you, if I ever get control of hotline again, I will be doing a MASSIVE upgrade
MakNet (Msg. :  Even if you aren't allowed to write a new client, can others do it? Technically, is that legal, or are we under the same "non-competition" agreement as you?
        hinks:  yes others can do it
MakNet (Msg. :  Do you hold a grudge against Jason Roks?
        hinks:  I'm under non-competition because of the document I naively signed
Agasthya (Msg:  Please ask him if it's legal for regular people to write their own hotline clients.
MakNet (Msg. :  I just did :)
         Mach:  Well what does the future hold for Hotline? Do you know what was going on before you left?
        hinks:  I don't hold a grudge against Jason Roks, I just want him to consider giving hotline back to the person that created it, rather than keeping it to himself, where it will surely die
         Mach:  So no upgrades are planned?
        hinks:  I certainly can't upgrade hotline, I don't have the rights to it, and there's the non-competition thing
         Mach:  would Jason most likely pursue legal action if you released AW and the HL source?
        hinks:  the only way I could work on hotline again would be if every hotline user rallyed against hotline comms and convinced them to give me back the rights to hotline
         zarf:  i will go for it!
MakNet (Msg. :  What can we do as users to see that that happens?
        hinks:  I suppose you could email everyone at hotline comms and tell them what you think
MakNet (Msg. :  Would they listen?
         zarf:  hinks, what is your oppion of the icon lists?
        hinks:  mak, dunno, but you can try
         Mach:  would Jason most likely pursue legal action if you released AW and the HL source?
        hinks:  probably
         Mach:  People keep asking me :)
        hinks:  most likely
         zarf:  hinks, what is your oppion of the icon lists?
         Mach:  (AW is Hotline's special development system)
        hinks:  I would rather have icons transferred over the net, which would mean anyone could have their own icon without needing to get it put into an icon list, but ofcourse that won't be happening unless hotline comms can be pursuaded to give hotline back to me
MakNet (Msg. :  Adam, what are you doing now, and what are your plans for the future? Are you looking for work?
        hinks:  yeah, I'm looking for work, but it's tough because I'm not allowed to compete with the company, which REALLY limits my choices
MakNet (Msg. :  From Asterisk: Many people think you are lying, why should we believe you instead of Jason or Terry or the others?
        hinks:  because I am the creator and founder of Hotline ?
MakNet (Msg. :  From Sublime: If the the users decide they want you, Hinks, to do HL, will you actually update it? Will we still see 12 month gaps between updates?
        hinks:  well, let me put it this way.  How fast did hotline updated B.C. (before company) ?  And then how fast did it update A.C?  (after company)
         zarf:  hinks, do you think you could realese some hotline easter eggs?
Mach (plz *no:  or how to get your icon?
         zarf:  please? can they get you for that?
        hinks:  as any long time hotline user will know, it updated very frequently, and then there was the company, and the updates ceased
Agasthya (Msg:  Adam, how long are you not allowed to compete with HLSW?  Usually there is a time frame for these things.
Mach (plz *no:  ok before you bombard us with messages.. yes he just left and yes he is coming back.
MakNet (Msg. :  Adam is having technical problems, apparently...
Agasthya (Msg:  Umm...I think that Adam's connection has died, please wait a few moments
        hinks:  I'm back
        hinks:  my modem cut out
MakNet (Msg. :  Yeah!
MakNet (Msg. :  Resume...
MakNet (Msg. :  IF the Hotline protocol isn't copyrighted, how can jr and the rest of the company pursue legal action?
        hinks:  because unfortunately I signed an agreement
MakNet (Msg. :  You already told us that alternate clients were legal, but what do you, personally, think of them? Good or bad?
Agasthya (Msg:  Adam, how long are you not allowed to compete with HLSW?  Usually there is a time frame for these things.
        hinks:  Agasthya - indefinitely, while the company exists
        hinks:  I think anyone who wants to do their own client - go for it, I wish I could do a new one too
Mach (plz *no:  stop changing your names!
Agasthya (no :  Is it legal for you to help someone making an alt. client?
        hinks:  no, agreement specifically says I can't even help or work for people who are competing
zarf (msg Qs):  hinks, do you think you could realese some hotline easter eggs? also, someone wants to know if you read over the contract before signing it.
        hinks:  it's pretty restrictive
MakNet (Msg. :  Arlo makes a powerful statement to you: hinks, me and the other old-timers (you know who we are!) stand by you 100% and will do whatever we can to see you vindicated in this ultimate example of pseudo-corporate lameness
        hinks:  thanks for your support, I'm glad someone cares
MakNet (Msg. :  Someone asked: What is the deal behing the easter egg with the song that says something like this "did you ever wonder when your mom kisses you goodnight if she just gave your dady a blowjob"
        hinks:  zarf - yes I read the contract, but you know how it is, legal mumbo jumbo, I should have gotten proper advice before
Mach (plz *no:  interesting: a show of support from the users, a show of immaturity from Hotline Comm staffers
zarf (msg Qs):  yea
zarf (msg Qs):  that is really ugly, hinks
Agasthya (no :  Adam, What is the deal behing the easter egg hoozyurdaddy
Mach (plz *no:  Anyone interesting easter eggs in general?
        hinks:  it's just an amusing easter egg, probably out of taste :)
        hinks:  there aren't any more eggs, all of them have been found
MakNet (Msg. :  Did you like the song? Is that why you put it in?
MakNet (Msg. :  Or it made you chuckle, at least?
        hinks:  it made me chuckle, but probably shouldn't have put it in, oh well :)
MakNet (Msg. :  question from Human: why did it take you 12 months to relay the truth (that you had left the company) to us?
        hinks:  I was pretty upset, I was mostly offline for a long time
MakNet (Msg. :  Does the contract you signed cover ALL Internet software, or just the Hotline protocol?
zarf (msg Qs):  what was the benifit to you in the contract?
        hinks:  mak - anything that competes with the company, which means any internet software basically
        hinks:  the benefit was owning shares in the company, but as I've discovered that means jack if you don't have any control over the company
zarf (msg Qs):  hinks, can those faithfull hotline users who payed for hotline and got 1 or 2 realeses sue hotline comm for not pursuing to create hotline?
Mach (plz *no:  we wish :/
        hinks:  I doubt it

__________________________________________________________________________________________________End of Part 1. Please see Part 2 of this transcript.

Adam Hinkley Chat Transcript - Part 2 of 2
From Monday, August 17th, 1998 @ 7:00 PM Central
At the LIME Hotline Server: hotline://

Mach (plz *no:  Hinks: the obvious dumb one: boxers of briefs?
        hinks:  heh the latter but I should probably change to boxers, gotta keep that sperm count up :)
MakNet (Msg. :  In your honest opinion, do you think Hotline Communications can hold up as a company without you?
        hinks:  I think they'll eek out a living, probably won't do well, but just enough to survive and keep me locked up in the contract
zarf (msg Qs):  from a user: if he's not gonna get control of hotline back, why doesn't he settle w/ Hotline Comm, let them have the source, but be released from his contract? also, if you are holding the source how can there be any updates?
MakNet (Msg. :  ARE you holding the source? Is it encrypted still?
        hinks:  I answered that before, yes I'm holding the source, and I have to otherwise I would have zilcho bargaining power
Mach (plz *no:  Last time: STOP CHANGING YOUR NAMES PLZ
zarf (msg Qs):  you should try to get back in and then run out Jason
MakNet (Msg. :  What exactly is the AW?
        hinks:  it's a programming library that HL uses
Agasthya (Msg:  if you were allowed to continue updating hotline, what features do you have in mind?
MakNet (Msg. :  What does it consist of?
        hinks:  I'd do the equivalent of a HL 2 or 3, with completely redone news, icons, chat, even files, everything redone
Agasthya (Msg:  Any features that you wanted to put it, but didn't have the chance?
MakNet (Msg. :  FromeDome asked a question that made me chuckle: does ´ukka ever masturbate or sing odd songs while at work? Just thought I'd share it :)
        hinks:  threaded news, file lists like the finder, icons xfered over the net, multistyle text, new toolbar the list goes on
        hinks:  client-to-client file xfers
zarf (msg Qs):  Do you still own the rights to AW?
        hinks:  mak - I think I'll let people guess the answer to that one :)
        hinks:  no the company owns the rights to both HL and AW
MakNet (Msg. :  Hehee :)
MakNet (Msg. :  how about Jason or Terry's side of the story?  Would you be willing to have a little "discussion" of what happened with either one of them if they agrreed to it and we hosted it?
Mach (plz *no:  we'll provide the riot gear :)
        hinks:  I've emailed jason, I asked them why don't shutdown hotline comms and start up a new company and leave me out of it?
MakNet (Msg. :  and what did they say?
        hinks:  I mean if they really think they've got something, why don't they shutdown hl comms and put their effort into a new company?
        hinks:  makes sense to me
        hinks:  but jason just doesn't get it
        hinks:  I asked him to give me a reason as to why that wasn't an option
        hinks:  he couldn't
Mach (plz *no:  any dirt on hotline's new products? cashier.. radar
        hinks:  said he couldn't follow my logic
zarf (msg Qs):  you people are going to loose name privs
        hinks:  I don't know anything about their new products
        hinks:  what am I lying about?
Mach (plz *no:  that's fooled again
MakNet (Msg. :  You'd have to ask him that :)
MakNet (Msg. :  When, officially, did you leave the company?
        hinks:  I don't know how official it is, but I left in March
Mach (plz *no:  here comes Yukka...
MakNet (Msg. :  Many people want to know whether or not you've seen What do you think about it?
Agasthya (Msg:  What if you forget the PW to the source, is it lost forever?
        hinks:  haven't seen it, but I'll definitely check it out :)
MakNet (Msg. :  Do you have any advice for a shareware author who has just begun to get into contracts & signings...  What to look for, what to beware of, etc..
        hinks:  yes I definitely have some advice I learnt the hard way
MakNet (Msg. :  Tell us
        hinks:  and that is:  DON'T GET SUCKED IN BY INVESTORS!
        hinks:  you have to realize that you CAN succeed by yourself
        hinks:  you have to have complete confidence in yourself that you can do everything yourself, because you can
        hinks:  work it up slowly, either yourself or with trusted friends
zarf (msg Qs):  PLEASE
Mach (plz *no:  so what do you plan to do for the future??
zarf (msg Qs):  STOP CHANGING NAME
Mach (plz *no:  uhmm Yukka just said that this is violating your contract, btw..
        hinks:  you also have to realize that there are people are there ready to pounce on unsuspecting developers
        hinks:  yeah well that is  just bloody typical isn't it jason?  why don't you just sue me like you guys threaten all the time?
        hinks:  is that how you solve all your problems?
MakNet (Msg. :  Spclist (who obviously has some legal knowledge) asks: Non-compete agreements are legally limited in scope and do not hold up if they are too broad.  Have you consulted legal council on the possiblilty of that clause being narrowed? 
        hinks:  I'm in the process of getting advice, but it takes time and costs money
MakNet (Msg. :  Mentos Asks: Why didn't you read about the deal first...couldn't this be avoided if you had?
        hinks:  time and money I would rather spend developing software, not stuffing around with legal crap
        hinks:  yes as I said before, I should have gotten proper advice before signing the deal, but unfortunately I was rather naive and far too trusting at the time
Agasthya (no :  From jr:  Hinks: why are ypou spreading lies, give us the source code and we will set you free of your contract, this is not the place to discuss these matters
zarf (msg Qs):  and btw, how does this violate your contract?
        hinks:  jr - obviously that is no good, I want the rights to hotline back so I can continue to develop it
        hinks:  I think the users would agree with me I should fight to get the rights back to hotline to continue developing it, not accept your lousy offer which basically puts me out of the scene and you in control of hotline
Mach (plz *no:  Please stop changing names. it's immatue
        hinks:  next q
zarf (msg Qs):  how does this violate your contract?
Mach (plz *no:  Yukka is from, which seems fake, btw
        hinks:  and JR - why is this not the place to discuss these matters?  because you don't want the users to know ?
Agasthya (no :  It's not jr
zarf (msg Qs):  a user asks: how about a denial of service attack on hl comm?
        hinks:  I think mailing hl comms and letting them know what you think would be more effective
MakNet (Msg. :  LIME will setup a web page for doing this later in the week
MakNet (Msg. :  What does AW stand for?
        hinks:  AppWarrior
MakNet (Msg. :  Why is your name still on the Hotline Software when you get it? Is the company too lazy to change it?
        hinks:  next q
zarf (msg Qs):  is there a possibility of them releasing you from the contract if you give them the source code? if so, why not give it to them and write a new and better piece of software froms cratch since you want to rewrite hotline anyways?
        hinks:  yeah and I am still listed as president on the web page, I asked jason to change but, but apparently they like my name there
MakNet (Msg. :  Surprise...
Mach (plz *no:  gee that's honest
zarf (msg Qs):  from a user: please ask what hinks thinks of princess and if he would use it
zarf (msg Qs):  btw, i think princess is great...
Agasthya (Que:  Same here
Mach (plz *no:  I'm sure that hinks love princess, it is a fabulous client
        hinks:  yeah as I said before, anyone who wants to write their own clients, go for it
Mach (plz *no:  (Princess is at
MakNet (Msg. :  King Troll adds humorously: Do not fear, Hinks! The way Ive seen ´ukka smoke, he will be dead in 3 years from cancerÉ he already sounds like all hell!
MakNet (Msg. :  Is he a smoker?
Mach (plz *no:  or a drinker?
        hinks:  yes jason and david bordin are both smokers
        hinks:  they regularly stunk the whole office out
MakNet (Msg. :  eew!
Mach (plz *no:  bah! the princess url is wrong
        hinks:  next q
Mach (plz *no:
MakNet (Msg. : for alternate clients, also.
Mach (plz *no:  Hinks> how do you get your icon?
zarf (msg Qs):  do they smoke cigs or pot? or both?
Mach (plz *no:  and I was told to mention NetExpress
MakNet (Msg. :  lol
        hinks:  my icon is secret :)
        hinks:  what's NetExpress ?
Mach (plz *no:  another alternate client developed by Rudy, who is in attendance
        hinks:  great
Mach (plz *no:  what do you think of FirstClass or Coma as alternatives to Hotline?
        hinks:  FC is a bit dated, but then again, it does have features HL doesn't, like mail
        hinks:  what's Coma ?
MakNet (Msg. :  Is AW something like PowerPlant?
Mach (plz *no:  One of the other 5,000 client server packages being developed :)
        hinks:  IC
        hinks:  yes AW is like PowerPlant
MakNet (Msg. :  Whats was the orignal reason for making hotline? Where you bored? WHAT!?
        hinks:  I hated using FTP
        hinks:  so I made hotline
MakNet (Msg. :  Since you are still listed as the contact for all the HotlineSW domains, why don't you just cut them off? (From Rudy)
        hinks:  and threw in chat, news, messaging etc
        hinks:  the contact is no?  I can't send mail via
Mach (plz *no:  tell internic
        hinks:  actually I did cut it off when I left, but jason got it changed somehow
MakNet (Msg. :  You make it sound like you'd be willing to release the code in exchange for release from your contract. Is this true? Is that all you want from Jason and the company?
        hinks:  I was the one who paid for the domain tho
        hinks:  mak - I want HL Comms to give me back the rights to Hotline so I can continue developing it
zarf (msg Qs):  hinks, how has all this affected your personal life? Have you become a bitter person, or are you able to get on with life with a reasonable amount of clarity and sanity?
        hinks:  and to give it back to me with no strings attached
Mach (plz *no:  both of which are much overrated
        hinks:  zarf - well I've tried not to become bitter, but this hotline mess is really stressing it
zarf (msg Qs):  yea
MakNet (Msg. :  Is it true that you still own over half the shares? If so, are you still the president?
Mach (plz *no:  have you and yukka talked lately?
zarf (msg Qs):  i feel for you majorly, man
MakNet (Msg. :  ...technically?
        hinks:  fully diluted, I do not own over half the shares, I own under half the shares, but the point is that help much if you don't have control over the company
        hinks:  next q
MakNet (Msg. :  What was your eaact reason for leaving the company?
MakNet (Msg. :  eaact = exact
        hinks:  because it simply was not working
Mach (plz *no:  when did you and yukka last talk?
        hinks:  via email, not that long ago
MakNet (Msg. :  How do you hold shares in the company, when it isn't even publically traded?
Mach (plz *no:  people keep asking: What wasn't working? Specifically
        hinks:  a private company can have shares
zarf (msg Qs):  Will you be starting any new projects or companies any time soon?
        hinks:  well for starters, when was the last major update to hotline?
Mach (plz *no:  uhmmmm... a looonnng time ago
        hinks:  as I said, I can't just start a new project because of the non-competition thing
Mach (plz *no:  so long ago that hx has gained cult status
zarf (msg Qs):  but start a ne one
zarf (msg Qs):, not hotline
zarf (msg Qs):  some other program
Mach (plz *no:  where are you working now, in other words?
        hinks:  any internet product competes with hotline, and according to the agreement I signed, I'm not allowed to do that
zarf (msg Qs):  wow
MakNet (Msg. :  From Nabster: Why do you care so much about Hotline anyway? Supposedly you never made a profit, and you've had problems with co-workers...I don't understand why you're so down in the pits because you're not heading a company in a downward spiral.
        hinks:  Why do I care about hotline?  Because look how many people turned up today, on hotline, using hotline.  There's a community here, and I think it's worth supporting
zarf (msg Qs):  yea
MakNet (Msg. :  What is your opinion of people such as Beau Belgrave taking over coding Hotline? Or at least, becoming programmers at the comnapy?
zarf (msg Qs):  i feel bad for you, we are going to petition
Mach (plz *no:  because Hotline is one of the few places left with a real sense of community
zarf (msg Qs):  hinks, if the domain is legally yours, point it to to make them mad
zarf (msg Qs):  hehe
        hinks:  I can't send email via the address the domain is registered to
MakNet (Msg. :  If you've asked for your name to be removed (which you mentioned you did, at least in the case of the website), can you legally prosecute for illegal actions due to the fact that your name remains on the website and the product?
Mach (plz *no:  call internic
zarf (msg Qs):  call internet and have them foward to
MakNet (Msg. :  Asterisk asks
MakNet (Msg. :  Sorry...
MakNet (Msg. :  Answer previous question first
        hinks:  I could probably prosecute, but it's really not my style.  I don't want to get involved in litigation etc, I'm just a software developer
MakNet (Msg. :  Asterisk asks: "You are bad-mouthing HL Comm so bad you might even kill it just because of this chat.  Can you live with that, think about it?"
zarf (msg Qs):  from a user: I thought contracts like this were illegal. Isn't stemming competitevness violate free enterprise?
        hinks:  Asterisk - after what HL Comms has done to me, taken away the only project I really cared about, I don't care what happens to the company
Mach (plz *no:  :(
zarf (msg Qs):  go hinks!
        hinks:  zarf - in some states it's illegal, california I think, but the agreement was not signed in california
MakNet (Msg. :  Eon asks (would this be legal?): "I understand that you cannot create another internet program as it is a violation of contract. So how about you release the source code to some trusted individuals and have them finish the program under your consent and supervision, as a joint effort. =P"
        hinks:  eon - technically that would be illegal as well
MakNet (Msg. :  Was Hotline the first program you made?
        hinks:  first major/real program
MakNet (Msg. :  Users want to know how old you are and what you look like?
MakNet (Msg. :  Why haven't we seen a pic of you?
        hinks:  well, I've got muscles like swarzenegger....  umm, maybe not :)
Mach (plz *no:  he's 19
        hinks:  nope
       MakNet:  Please stop messaging us questions now.
       MakNet:  Well, tell us!
zarf (msg Qs):  hinks, somoen wants to know if your single
        hinks:  I am
        hinks:  no love letters plz :)
zarf (msg Qs):  hehe
       MakNet:  Did you resign as a board member of the company?
        hinks:  don't think I have
zarf (msg Qs):  don't worry hinks, you don't need love letters to know we love you. we want you back with HLSL
zarf (msg Qs):  er...HLSW
        hinks:  noo I don't want to be back there, I just want get to hotline, the product back so I can keep developing it
       MakNet:  Is the ability to have icon lists coded into the win version of Hotline? If so, will the info. ever be released to access it?
zarf (msg Qs):  whatever you want..
        hinks:  no, win vers can't do icon lists
zarf (msg Qs):  we just want you programming hotline like the good ole days
       MakNet:  jr is big into his "Warez letter" these days. Do you think the ease oftransfering of warez via Hotline will put another nail in the coffin for Mac software developers?
        hinks:  yeah, the "good ole days", a return to the good ole days would be heaven :)
        hinks:  I haven't seen his warez letter
zarf (msg Qs):  hinks- the days before a tracker, THAT was a community
        hinks:  true
zarf (msg Qs):  Please tell hinks that:
zarf (msg Qs):  
zarf (msg Qs):  "I plan on talking to my father about this matter. He is a lawyer here in Los Angeles and could be helpful as this is he speciality. I would really like to know whether this contract may be voided or not. It seems to me that either way you cut it you're f****d."
       MakNet:  Tell him who that's from
zarf (msg Qs):  i forget
       MakNet:  I think Eon
zarf (msg Qs):  whoever that is from, message me!
zarf (msg Qs):  yea
zarf (msg Qs):  Eon
       MakNet:  What's the future of Hotline, Adam?
        hinks:  I think it's what the users make it
       MakNet:  Especially if you never release the source code?
       MakNet:  If that happens, are we stuck on 1.2.3 forever?
zarf (msg Qs):  hinks- everyone wants to know your age
zarf (msg Qs):  please, they are desperate
        hinks:  the users can pressure the company into giving me the rights to hotline back, and then the future is, well I'm sure you can think what a HL 2.0 or 3.0 would be like :),   OR, you can stick with a company that has failed to deliver results
       MakNet:  So it's petition...or 1.2.3 forever?
zarf (msg Qs):  petition!
        hinks:  I'd say so
         Mach:  well then
       MakNet:  Some people feel this is a one-sided chat. What is your response to them?
         Mach:  We will put up a petition on our web page.. the url will be posted soon
        hinks:  mak - my response to them is, hello jason or whoever it is from HL Comms :)
         Mach:  If you are interested, Jason's side of the story is in the chat on
        hinks:  alright, last 2 "most wanted" questions before I go, I'm 20 and my email address is,  oh no, I'm gonna get spammed :)
zarf (msg Qs):  heh
zarf (msg Qs):  with love letters
zarf (msg Qs):  watch out..
        hinks:  thanks for coming everyone!
zarf (msg Qs):  thanks for coming, hinks!
        hinks:  and thanks for your support
       MakNet:  Thank-you to everyone for coming. We hope this was an informative experience.
       MakNet:  The petition will be on our web page within a few days
        hinks:  cya round
         Mach:  We wish Adam the best in the future, as I'm sure the Hotline community does.
       MakNet:  Bye Adam!
         Mach:  Hinks has left the building :)
zarf (msg Qs):  we love him
zarf (msg Qs):  should we turn on chat?
Rud´(stop ban:  hmm
       MakNet:  Yeah

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