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Adios Hotline
Hotline Contributed by hawkbug on Sep 21, 2001 at 02:41 PM
From the breaking news dept.

Thanks to Jason and VivaHX for the following news: 

At noon today Hotline CEO Jack Kay anounced "Thats it folks. We're out of money." 
A beta release of HL 2.0 may still come out, but lets not hold our breath here. 
The hotline network will still exist as long as people still use the software. at least now you wont have to put up with banners ;) 
So there you go. HL communications is basically gone. Adios muchachos. 

Wow. Well, they didn't seem to anxious to work with back in the day, we asked for betas of stuff and tried to talk about deals with them back in '97, but they wouldn't hear us though. I guess if you don't work with the community that supports you... you have no support. 

Not to mention, for years, people have been using their own products to pirate their software. Not to mention all that banner crap is insane, and you can't pull it off the screen, etc. So, HXD is being used more and more, and apparently it's all that will survive. 

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