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Adobe SiteMill

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Adobe SiteMill software lets you build home pages and maintain complex Web sites with tools as familiar and intuitive as those of your favorite word processing application. It's the powerful, total Web site solution.

Adobe SiteMill for Macintosh and Power Macintosh includes all the Web page authoring and editing functionality of Adobe PageMill 1.0 software. SiteMill gives you what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) Web page editing, integrated image manipulation and format conversion, and additional capabilities for easily managing your Web site.

Adobe SiteMill makes managing your Web site easy!

Unlike printed materials, the Web is a dynamic medium; the links that make the Web powerful are also very easy to break. With Adobe SiteMill software, whenever you paste a link, rename a file, or move a file between folders, the program automatically repairs all links - including those to external sites - so that they point to the correct location.

In the program's Site view, you can see all of your resources at a glance, making operations fast and efficient. You open pages and images, for example, simply by double-clicking. Name and move resources between folders without hassle; links are automatically updated. And create links - even to PDF files - by dragging and dropping icons into page views. The Site view also includes link pop-ups, which display all incoming and outgoing links among your pages, allowing you to see which pages point where. There's even a visual warning for files that have no links pointing to them.

Adobe SiteMill reads existing Web sites and automatically finds any errors, displaying them in the Error view. You can then fix them, by dragging the correct file over the error, which automatically fixes all incorrect references. After that, your site remains error-free! And with the External References view, you can see all links to pages outside your Web site, so that when someone's Web page or e-mail address changes - which happens frequently - you can quickly update all references throughout your Web site to reflect the new address.

In addition, Adobe SiteMill lets you create new links by dragging a file or an image icon into the Page View. There you get all the functionality of Adobe PageMill 1.0 software, including true WYSIWYG page editing and integrated image manipulation and image format conversion.

System Requirements


  • 68020 or greater processor with 3 MB of RAM available to Adobe SiteMill, or Power Macintosh with 4.5 MB available RAM
  • 3.5 MB available hard-disk space
  • System 7.01 or later for Macintosh and System 7.1.2 or later for Power Macintosh
  • 4-bit (16-level) grayscale or 8-bit (256 level) color monitor