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Advanced Integration Research 486-EI

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486EI V2.x Footprint Baby AT
CPU Type Intel 486DX, 486DX2, 486DX4, 486SX, 487SX, P24T AMD 486DX, 486DX2, 486DXLBoth 5-Volt and 3.3-Volt

CPU Speed 100, 75, 66, 50, 40, 33, 25, or 20-MHz

Cache Cache RAM Size 512KB / 256KB / 128KB / 64KB

Cache RAM Speed 15/20/25 nanosecond
Green PC feature Write-Back Cache
Shadow BIOS Support
Shadow Video Support

Memory Configuration Maximum 256 MBytes on board
SIMM Type 256Kx36, 1Mx36, 2Mx36, 4Mx36, 8Mx36, 16Mx36

Speed 60/70/80 nanosecond Fast Page Mode Memory Automatic Memory

Bus Slots EISA Bus Slots Eight 32-bit EISA slots(Six Bus Mastering)

Three with VLB Local Bus Slots ThreeVL-Bus slots, all support bus master I/O
Bus Speed Programmable BIOS Support AMI Flash BIOS)

Warranty Fab Type 6 Layers Limited Warranty 3 Year Physical Dimension (WxL)

8.650 inches by 13.1 inches

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