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Advanced Integration Research 54-TPI

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Supports 75 - 200 MHz Pentium;

321-pin ZIF Socket 7 for P54C, and Overdrives (P54CT). VRE socket for supports lower voltage CPU, such as


Intel 82430HX (TRITON II)

Supports ECC (Error Checking

Bus Slots

4 32-bit PCI bus mastering
3 16-bit ISA (One shared)
Memory Type: 1M, 2M, 4M, 8M x32 or 36; EDO, Hyper Page Mode or Fast Page mode DRAM; Maximum Capacity: 512 MB

Pipeline Burst SRAM, 256K/512 MB (w/o, with SCSI)

AMI WinBIOS or Award, Boot Block, Flash EPROM; Plug & Play
SCSI Ports

32-bit PCI bus master interface

Adaptec 2940VW compatible
(AIC7880) Ultra Fast & Wide SCSI-2

ports with full compliment of drivers
Green PC

Ready to meet EPA requirements for Energy Star Systems; Controllable standby and suspend modes
IDE Ports 32-bit PCI bus mastering

Dual Channel Enahnced Mode IDE,

Mode 2,3,4; Supports 4 ATAPI devices including CD-ROM and Tape drives
Floppy Ports

Supports two 2.88 MB floppy drives
Serial Ports

Two 16550-compatible Serial Ports;

Selectable as

COM1/3 or COM 2/4
Parallel Port

One bi-directional, Enhanced Parallel Port (SPP/ECP/EPP); Supports LPT 1/2/3 addresses; available interrupts:


Baby AT size (8.7" x 12.0")
4-layers PCB
Power Req.

5 Amps @ 5V, 0.1 Amps @ 12V

Integrated RTC/CMOS; Battery

Included for IDE, Floppy, Serial and Parallel ports, SCSI (50 pin).

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