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Advanced Integration Research P5-TXI

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Processor Intel

Pentium or Overdrivers Microprocessor (P54C and P55C MMX)
AMD K5, K6 Microprocessors
Cyrix 6x86 Microprocessors

Support speed from 75Mhz to 233Mhz and higher
Cache memory 512kbytes or 256KBytes High Speed Pipelined Burst Synchronous Cache
System Memory Four

72-pin SIMM sockets supporting up to 256MB or
Two 168-pin SDRAM sockets supporting up to 256 MB of memory
Support for 1Mx32, 2Mx32, 4Mx32, 8Mx32, 16Mx32, and 32Mx32 modules.
Extended Data Out (EDO), Hyper Page Mode or Fast Page Mode (FP) SIMM
Support for 1Mx64, 2Mx64, 4Mx64, 8Mx64, 16Mx64, 32Mx64 modules.

Support Synchrounous Un-Bufferred DIMM.
System Chipset Intel

TX PCI/ISA Chipset (82430TX and PIIX4)
Winbond W83877F Supper I/O controller

Bus Slots Four

PCI slots

Four ISA Slots (One shared)
USB Support Support

2 channels USB

On-board Ultra IDE Ports
33MB/s data transfer rate

channel PCI Bus Master IDE supporting up to Enhanced MODE 4 and Ultra IDE
Up to four IDE devices are supported.

Supports dual channels that permits disk and IDE CD-ROMs to coexist.
Onboard Integrated I/O -

2.88MB Floppy Controller, supporting two drives.
- Up to 2MB data transfer rate on Floppy connector.
- IrDA and ASK-IR infrared support.
- Programmable configuration settings.
- Auto Power Management - Auto Modem dial in wake up
- Two RS-232C 16550 compatible Serial ports.
- Serial ports support MIDI compatible data rates.
- One SPP/ECP/EPP Bi-directional Parallel port.
- Protection on Parallel port from Printer Power-On.
- PS/2 Mouse Port - PS/2 Keyboard Port



Flash BIOS. with Plug and Play (PnP) support.
CPU Power Supply On-board

Dual Voltage Regulator and Switching voltage to provide different voltages required by P54C, MMX Intel CPU and K5, K6 AMD CPU

(The switching voltage support high current very low heat generation)
Board Dimension ATX form factor. 12"x 8.6"
Typical Power (board only) +5V +/- 5% 8 Amperes
+3.3V +/-5% 2 Ampere
+12V +/- 10% 800mA
-5V +/- 5% 150mA
-12V +/- 10% 100mA
Operating environment Operating temperature 0C to +55C
Storage temperature -40C to +70C
Relative Humidity 92% RH at 36C
Airflow Requirements 200LFM with CPU fan required

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