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Africa Trail

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Africa Trail lets kids relive an actual world-record setting bicycle trek across the African continent. With road-rally action, bike repairs, tests of endurance, and road surprises, there's no shortage of adventures along the way. Kids will ride from the sweltering days and freezing nights of the Sahara to the lush green of Zaire. And they'll interact with the people of contemporary Africa who are as diverse as the terrain they cover. Along the way, kids make decisions that are critical to their success.

This multimedia simulation includes over 1,000 photos and video clips taken by the actual bike team that document Africa--its geography and its people.

Africa Trail combines the thrill of interactive adventure with the rich diversity of Africa. Based on a world-record-setting bicycle expedition, kids lead the trek using a computer simulation that provides photos, video, sounds, and unexpected events actually experienced by the cycling team. The adventures are extraordinary, with thousands of possible encounters along the way for kids and their hand-picked multi-national team. On the Africa Trail, kids make real-life decisions at every point on their journey. Plus its Multimedia Resource Tool makes it easy for kids to include their favorite trail events in their own reports and presentations. All the photos, video, sounds, and text can be easily exported into their favorite word-processing or presentation-making software. Kids can then create their own multimedia adventure journal!

Features and Benefits

  • It's challenging and engaging. Strengthens real-life decision making and planning skills as kids manage their team, time, and money.
  • It's multicultural. Develops cultural literacy as kids interact with Africa's diverse people.
  • It's a real-world geography lesson. Encourages the development of geographic literacy as kids work with local, regional, and continental maps.
  • It's grounded in authentic content. Includes over 1,000 photos and video clips taken by the actual bike team as well as an authentic musical score.
  • It's multi-disciplinary. Introduces kids to the history, geography, and cultures of Africa while challenging them to use their thinking skills.

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