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Agreement Between Apple and DayStar Broadens PowerPC Upgrade Path - 11/1993

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From: [email protected] (Mark Anbinder)
Newsgroups: comp.sys.mac.announce
Subject: Apple & DayStar to offer PowerPC
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Date: 15 Nov 93 06:13:55 GMT
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Contacts: Betty Taylor, Apple Computer, Inc., (408) 974-3983

or	Marcella Wucher, Stirling & Cohan, Inc., (415) 513-0975

or	Ted Cheney, DayStar Digital, (404) 967-2077 ext. 291
Agreement Between Apple and DayStar Broadens PowerPC Upgrade Path
DayStar's New Card to Offer Quadra 950, 900 and 700 Customers
PowerPC Technology
LAS VEGAS, Nevada--November 15, 1993--Apple Computer, Inc. and
DayStar Digital today announced that they have signed a licensing
agreement that will increase the PowerPC upgrade options for the
installed base of Apple Macintosh computer users. As a result of this
agreement, DayStar Digital will offer a new PowerPC 601 processor
upgrade card for Macintosh Quadra 950, 900 and 700 customers. This
agreement is part of Apple's overall strategy to provide current
Macintosh customers with an array of upgrade options to Apple's next
generation platform:  Macintosh with PowerPC.

    This agreement makes DayStar the first third party partner selected
by Apple to offer Macintosh users upgrade products to the powerful
new PowerPC RISC microprocessor technology. Apple has licensed its
core system-level ROM code to DayStar. DayStar plans to use this code
to develop a PowerPC 601 processor upgrade card that will connect to
the Processor Direct Slot on the Macintosh Quadra 650, 700, 800, 900,
950 and Macintosh Centris 650.

    Apple previously announced plans to offer upgrades for 11 Macintosh
computers and for all three models of the Apple Workgroup Servers.
The models included are: the Macintosh Centris 610, 650 and 660AV
computers, Macintosh IIvx and IIvi, Performa 600, the Quadra 610,
650, 660AV, 800 and 840AV, and Apple Workgroup Servers 60, 80 and 95.
Apple plans to make upgrades available with prices starting below
$1,000. Specifics on various upgrade options are expected to be
announced at the introduction of the new Macintosh with PowerPC
technology-based systems.

    DayStar said it plans to market cards that will operate at 66 MHz or
80 MHz, and provide optional on-board memory up to 128MB. DayStar's
PowerPC processor upgrade is expected to be available at the
introduction of the first Macintosh with PowerPC computers and
Apple's PowerPC upgrade solutions in the first half of 1994.

    Apple continues to work on upgrades for other Macintosh models in
conjunction with third party developers, to expand the suite of
PowerPC processor upgrade solutions.