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Aladdin Systems

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In 1998, Aladdin Systems, Inc. proudly celebrates ten years of developing and publishing award-winning business and consumer software products. Aladdin publishes StuffIt, the worldwide compression standard; Aladdin FlashBack, the ultimate safety net for your important documents that allows virtually unlimited undos; Spring Cleaning, the #1 uninstaller for the Macintosh; Private File, the easiest cross-platform security software available; CyberFinder, an Internet bookmark manager, and Aladdin Desktop Tools, a utility that allows users to better organize their everyday desktop functions.

Aladdin's developer products include InstallerMaker, the Macintosh data distribution standard, and ShrinkWrap, the quickest and easiest way to create and distribute disk images. Aladdin's software products are designed to make life easier by helping users take full advantage of their computers.

Aladdin Systems, Inc. was founded in 1988 to develop, publish, and distribute software products for Apple and IBM computers. Located in Watsonville, California (a short drive from California's Silicon Valley), Aladdin Systems is known for its quality utility applications and software developer tools. Shortly after its founding, Aladdin Systems teamed up with 15 year-old Raymond Lau, author of the de-facto standard compression software, StuffIt, to further develop this state-of-the-art compression, security and archiving product, and to introduce new, innovative software. Aladdin made its debut in the Macintosh marketplace in the summer of 1989 with the introduction of Raymond Lau's Shortcut, a system enhancement for the Macintosh that provides file and disk management within every application's "Open" and "Save" dialog.