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Alladvantage-bu1.gif, the world's fastest growing Internet community, is changing the way consumers and companies interact by leveraging the buying power of its online community into a broad array of benefits that includes "Get Paid To Surf the Web," exclusive offers, and personalized information. acts as agent, convenient communicator and protector for Internet users. Services come to the online community free of charge through's proprietary communications device, the Viewbar. is a privately held company. In September 1999, the company raised $31 million in its second round of equity financing. The company is capitalized by a number of investing partners, including Walden Media and Information Technology Fund (second-round lead investor), Times Mirror TMCT Ventures, Partech International, J&W; seligman, Technology Partners, and Alloy Ventures (first-round lead investor). was founded in February 1999. The company is based in Hayward, Calif., with offices in New York City.


It took three ideas and four people to create Pre-Launch History

On the first day, there were two of us, and we said: "Enough is enough. I want my privacy back. I don't want to give private information away over the Internet."

This was an appealing principle, so the next day there were three of us, and we said: "If I'm going to be shown ads, I want to get paid for it."

And so on the next day we were four, and we said: "Why do I have to deal with shot-gunned banners that have nothing to do with me or my interests! I would be willing to share information with companies about who I am and what I like – give them the opportunity of forming a relationship with me – but only if there's something in it for me."

Turning Ideas Into A Business Model

And thus was born, and Directed Advertising was invented: a new form of mediated interaction between consumers and businesses, allowing marketers to reach the right person with the right message at a time when they are receptive to the marketing message, all without compromising the privacy of the user. We call it the AllAdvantage Value Cycle: large group benefits and privacy for the consumer, and effective, directed advertising for companies. All Advantage . . . Dot community . . .