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Allegiant Technologies

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Allegiant Technologies Inc. was incorporated under the laws of the State of Washington in December, 1993 and was registered to carry on business in the State of California in March, 1994. Allegiant's common shares are listed for trading on the Vancouver Stock Exchange. The Company's shares have not been registered under state securities laws in the United States or under the United States Securities Act of 1933 or 1934.

Allegiant currently employs approximately 30 individuals and operates out of facilities located at 9740 Scranton Road, Suite 300, San Diego, California. Allegiant is an early stage company with cumulative revenues having now exceeded U.S. $2.6 million from the introduction of its first product upgrade in June, 1994.

Allegiant Technologies, Inc., develops and markets innovative Multimedia, Internet, and Application Development software that empowers people to interactively educate, entertain, present, and manage information. The Company was organized to acquire its flagship product, SuperCard, from Aldus Corporation (now Adobe Systems, Inc.) and to create a significant software development and publishing company.

Since the acquisition of SuperCard the Company has released three new product versions, 1.7 in June 1994, 2.0 in January 1995 and most recently, SuperCard 2.5 in July 1995. Each version included significant technological enhancements in response to customer feedback. The Company has substantially completed development work on a Windows runtime version of SuperCard. In addition, the Company released its new Internet product "Marionet" in January, 1996. Marionet enables the development of custom applications that access and manage information across the Internet.

With a team of highly experienced engineering, marketing, sales, technical support and customer service professionals, Allegiant is extremely well-positioned to aggressively develop its technologies and apply them toward building state-of-the-art tools for desktop, Internet and client/server applications; professional multimedia content development; computer-based training; and other commercial applications.