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Alsoft Disk Express II

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Disk Express II is a system optimization program from Alsoft designed to defragment your hard disk and increase your disk’s access speed and overall performance. As you create new files and delete old ones, the information on your hard disk becomes fragmented into various locations. A disk optimizer utility, such as Disk Express II, defragments this information and puts the most frequently used information closest to the drive heads and puts less frequently used files further away. By making these files easily available to the drive heads, your hard disk's speed is enhanced.

Disk Express II can minimize fragmentation by keeping the files you use the most grouped together, so the access time to these files is as fast as possible. Disk Express also enables you to optimize your drive at predetermined time intervals, or you can set it up to do an optimization when your drive's level of fragmentation exceeds the level you've selected as acceptable in Disk Express's preferences.