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AppleCD SC

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The AppleCD SC drive offers Macintosh and Apple II com­puter owners a convenient and cost-effective way to access and explore tremendous amounts of information. Each 12-centimeter CD-ROM disc can hold over 550 megabytes of information - the equivalent of seven hundred 800K floppy disks, or more than 270,000 typewritten pages.

The AppleCD SC drive pro­vides access to text, graphics, and sound stored on digitally recorded CD-ROM discs. You can copy and paste the data for use in other applications. When paired with Apple's HyperCard software, the AppleCD SC drive lets you quickly access and present information from the disc.

The AppleCD SC drive sup­ports the Apple II, Macintosh, and industry-standard High Sierra file systems, giving users access to a broad range of CD-ROM titles. The AppleCD SC also has audio capabilities. Utilizing the AppleCD SC drive's headphone jacks or RCA jacks, the user can listen to audio CDs when not working with CD-ROM discs.


  • Front-loading CD-ROM slot
  • 64K RAM buffer
  • High Sierra compatibility
  • CD Caddy


Playback medium

  • 12-centimeter optical disc in­stalled in a CD Caddy (any CD­-ROM or audio compact disc is compatible)


  • Data capacity:
    • Mode 1: 656 megabytes
    • Mode 2: 748 megabytes
  • Recording surfaces: 1
  • Data block (available to user):
    • Mode 1: 2,048 bytes
    • Mode 2: 2,336 bytes
  • Blocks per disc: more than 270,000


  • Access time (including latency):
    • Average: less than 600 milliseconds (500 ms, typical)
    • Maximum (first to last block): less than 1.2 seconds (800 ms, typical)
  • Data-streaming rate:
    • Mode 1: 150 K/second
    • Mode 2: 171 K/second
  • Block rate: 75 blocks/second
  • SCSI bus transfer rate: approximately 800K/second
  • Rotational speed: approximately 230 to 530 rpm (variable)
  • Startup time: 5 seconds (typical; media-dependent)
  • Spin-down time: 2 seconds (typical)

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