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From: David Garrett <> 
List Editor: David Garrett <> 
Editor's Subject: Re: Appleshare v. Waterloo MacJanet 
Author's Subject: Re: Appleshare v. Waterloo MacJanet 
Date Written: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 11:09:59 EDT 
Date Posted: Fri, 27 Apr 1995 11:09:59 -0400
JT> We are a middle school of 700 students and we are currently using
JT> Waterloo MacJanet for student disk spaces on our Macintosh network.
JT> While MacJanet has many advantages, we are considering moving to
JT> Appleshare for student disks. Does anyone have any experience with
JT> doing this and if so, what are some of the problems and successes
JT> with having students use Appleshare for their local disk spaces.

We are still using Waterloo MacJanet (have been for about four years),
and plan to continue using it.  We are using AppleShare for our
administrative file server, but I much prefer Waterloo MacJanet for the

Advantages off the top of my head:
1.  It is very easy to add, remove and modify users from the system -
much easier (make that MUCH easier) than the same for AppleShare.

2.  A student cannot "forget" their network disk at home.  They can
forget their password, but that is easy to get.  They can forget their
AppleShare password, but without third party thingys it is much more
difficult to retrieve a student's password from AppleShare than MacJanet.

3.  I like the ability to control access to laser printers.  Our new
school (opened Sept. 94) has only LaserWriters, which give excellent
results, but cost more than dot matrix to operate.  With Janet we can
limit the number of pages a student can print.  AppleShare also has a
print spooler, which forces users to log on to print, but it cannot limit
the number of pages a user can print.  It can tell you how many pages
they have printed, but cannot set an upper limit.  We charge our students
5 cents per page to print, they buy them in bunches of 20 from the school
bookstore.  It is reasonably easy to adjust a student's number of pages
as they buy, and it keeps costs under control.

4.  An advantage and disadvantage of AppleShare over MacJanet is that
with MacJanet you set a fixed size for student network disks, and they
cannot fill it any more than that size.  With AppleShare, a student's
"network disk" is really a folder on the server.  Thus the only limit to
the amount of data they can store is set by the limit of the hard drive
the folder sits on.  There are times when an essentially open ended size
is good, but students tend to fill until it is full.  A limit forces them
to allocate their disk space with some thought.

Hope this helps.


David Garrett
Physics Teacher/Network Manager
Morinville Community High School
Morinville, Alberta       Canada

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