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Apple 3270 API

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The Apple 3270 API, a high-level application programming interface, gives application developers a consistent platform for developing customized 3270 applications. Because the Apple 3270 API is based on the IBM 3270 PC High-­Level Language Application Programming Interface (HLLAPI), application programmers can apply their knowledge of HLLAPI to develop Macintosh-to-mainframe applications. The API is designed to allow terminal emulators, file-transfer programs, and other Macintosh applications and tools, such as CL/1 and MacWorkStation, to use the 3270 services without being aware of the physical network connection details of coax, Token­Ring, and SDLC. The Apple 3270 API establishes and terminates sessions with a mainframe, maintains context separation between multiple main­frame sessions, and sends 3270 keystrokes to the mainframe.

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