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Apple And Silicon Graphics Sign Agreement To Advance VRML 2.0 Deployment - 12/1996

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INTERNET WORLD, NEW YORK--Dec. 12, 1996--Apple Computer, Inc. (Cupertino, CA) and Silicon Graphics, Inc. (Mountain View, CA) today jointly announced an agreement designed to further the proliferation of high-performance, high-quality VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) browsing on personal computers. This joint effort will significantly enhance networked, interactive 3D content and applications for Internet and intranet.

To further extend the lead of the Macintosh in multimedia and 3D personal computing, Apple plans to bundle Silicon Graphics' industry-leading Cosmo Player VRML 2.0 browser with the Apple Internet Connection Kit, its "best of class" suite of Internet access software, and has endorsed Cosmo Player as the preferred VRML browser solution. Silicon Graphics plans to deliver the Mac OS version of Cosmo Player early next year. In addition, Silicon Graphics will support Apple's QuickDraw 3D as one of the rendering engines for the Windows 95 and NT versions of Cosmo Player.

"In leading the development of the cross-platform VRML 2.0 standard, Silicon Graphics has started a new industry and initiated a transformation of the web as we know it," said Larry Tesler, Vice President of AppleNet Technologies for Apple Computer, Inc. "With Cosmo Player, they have shown their commitment to delivering VRML to the broadest range of platforms and operating systems, which makes Silicon Graphics an ideal and logical company for Apple to work with in this area. Cosmo Player delivers to our customers unmatched 3D web experiences, and we look forward to a close working relationship."

"Apple has a great technology in QuickDraw 3D that will speed the cross-platform deployment of our VRML browser for personal computers," said Kai-Fu Lee, vice president and general manager, Web Products Division, Silicon Graphics, Inc. "The combination of QuickDraw 3D and Cosmo Player make the Mac a first-class VRML client and brings the power and flexibility of QD3D rendering to Windows. Apple and Silicon Graphics will continue to work closely together in the advancement of open, cross-platform standards for multimedia and 3D."

VRML 2.0

Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) is an industry standard that enables the development of networked, interactive 3D content and applications that can be deployed universally--regardless of operating system, brand of microprocessor, or rendering technology. VRML 2.0 is based upon Silicon Graphics-led "Moving Worlds" proposal which was endorsed by over 50 Internet related companies. Apple is contributing to the VRML 2.0 standard via its jointly proposed VRML binary file format, developed in collaboration with IBM T.J. Watson Research Labs (Yorktown Heights, NY) and ParaGraph International (Campbell, CA)

Cosmo Player

The Silicon Graphics Cosmo Player is the only VRML 2.0 browser to support Windows 95, Windows NT, Mac OS, and UNIX. Cosmo Player works with Netscape Navigator, Microsoft's Internet Explorer, and Apple's Cyberdog. Windows and UNIX versions of Cosmo Player can be downloaded today at:

QuickDraw 3D

QuickDraw 3D is Apple's award-winning real-time 3D architecture for Mac OS and 32-bit Windows platforms which enable multi-platform deployment of 3D authoring tools, VRML, and CAD/CAE. QuickDraw 3D has won a number of industry awards, including COMDEX FALL 96 Best of Show for Multimedia Software. QuickDraw 3D (QD3D) may be immediately downloaded from

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Silicon Graphics, Inc. is a leading supplier of high-performance interactive computing systems. The Company offers the broadest range of products in the industry--from low-end desktop workstations to servers and high-end Cray(R) supercomputers. Silicon Graphics also markets MIPS(R) microprocessor designs, Alias|Wavefront(TM) entertainment and design software and other software products. The Company's key markets include manufacturing, government, science and industries, telecommunications and entertainment sectors. Silicon Graphics and its subsidiaries have offices throughout the world and headquarters in Mountain View, California.