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Apple Announces Availability of Comprehensive Mac OS Software Developer's Kit - 10/1994

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31Oct94-Mac OS SW Dev Kit

Apple Announces Availability of Comprehensive Mac OS Software
Developer's Kit
CD-ROM Subscription Product Provides Affordable and Convenient Access
to a Wide Range of Software and Programming Information
Cupertino, California--October 31, 1994--Responding to developer
requests, Apple Computer, Inc. today announced availability of a
software developer's kit that combines most of its existing software
developer's kits into one convenient--and very affordable--package.
For U.S. $299, developers can purchase an annual subscription to the
new Mac  OS Software Developer's Kit (SDK), which is available on a
CD-ROM and includes quarterly updates.
    Another important benefit of the Mac OS Software Developer's Kit is
its streamlined approach to software licensing.  Subscribers
automatically will be able to redistribute certain system extension
files and libraries with programs they develop that require these
components.  Previously, many developers would have had to secure
additional licenses from Apple  before shipping their product.
     According to Guerrino De Luca, vice president of AppleSoft marketing,
"Apple recognizes the pressure developers have to keep overhead low
and productivity high, and is committed to delivering quality
products and services at competitive prices to relieve this pressure.
The Mac OS SDK is only one example of this commitment, and follows
recent decisions to increase the scope of our developer support
services and reduce prices for our core development tools.  We will
continue to explore new ways to maximize the level of satisfaction
for our valued Macintosh developers."
     With a subscription to the Mac OS Software Developer's Kit,
developers will receive a disc each quarter that contains the most
recent versions of almost all of Apple's system-software extensions,
making it convenient to track these most recent extension releases
and incorporate support for them into applications.  In addition to
the system-software extensions, the Mac OS SDK includes programming
interfaces and libraries, sample code, and technical documentation.
The software developer's kits in this collection were previously
available individually for a total of approximately U.S. $2000.
     Sam Roberts, senior principal engineer of Farallon Computing, Inc.,
said, "Convenience is what I really like about the Mac OS SDK.  I no
longer have to be concerned about tracking down each new Mac OS
system extension and related programming information--they arrive
automatically on a single CD.  This should help boost the
productivity of all Macintosh  programmers."
     Product Contents
The initial release of Mac OS SDK includes SDKs for the following
software extensions:
Apple Guide                                    MacODBC
Apple Open Collaboration Environment (AOCE)    MacOSI  Connection
Apple Remote Access                            MacSNMP
Apple Remote Access Modem                      MacTCP
Apple Shared Library Manager                   MacX.400
AppleScript                                    MacX25
AppleSearch                                    MIDI Management Tools
AppleShare  API                                Network Software Installer
AppleTalk  Wide Area                           Open Transport
ColorSync                                      PlainTalk
Communications Toolbox                         QuickDraw  GX
Control Strip                                  QuickTime
Designing PCI Cards & Drivers                  Sound Manager
File System Manager                            Telephone Manager
Installer                                      Thread Manager
Macintosh Drag and Drop                        XTND
Macintosh Easy Open
Members worldwide of Apple's Partners Program will receive one
subscription to the Mac OS SDK without charge as one of the benefits
of the program.  For other developers, subscriptions to the Mac OS
Software Developer's Kit are available immediately through APDA ,
Apple's source for development tools and related programming
products. APDA publishes the APDA Tools Catalog which describes
hundreds of Apple and third-party products.  Developers should
contact APDA using the following address or phone numbers.
Apple Computer, Inc.
P.O. Box 319
Buffalo, NY 14207-0319
800-282-2732 (U.S.A.)
800-637-0029 (Canada)
716-871-6555 (International)
716-871-6511 (Fax)
Apple Computer, Inc., a recognized pioneer and innovator in the
information industry, creates powerful solutions based on easy-to-use
personal computers, servers, peripherals, software, online services,
and personal digital assistants.  Headquartered in Cupertino,
California, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) develops, manufactures, licenses and
markets products, technologies and services for the business,
education, consumer, scientific & engineering and government markets
in over 140 countries.
Apple, the Apple logo, APDA, AppleShare, AppleTalk, ColorSync,
Macintosh, MacOSI, MacTCP, MPW, PlainTalk and QuickTime are
registered trademarks and AppleScript, AppleSearch, MacX.400,
MacX.25, QuickDraw, Mac, and Sound Manager are trademarks of Apple
Computer, Inc. Additional company and product names may be trademarks
of the individual companies and respectfully acknowledged.