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Apple Basic Color Monitor Product Specifications

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Apple Basic Color Monitor Product Specifications

The Apple Basic Color Monitor is Apple's most affordable Macintosh
color monitor. It offers the resolution, compatibility, and ergonomic
design that Macintosh users need for home and office applications.

With .39-millimeter dot pitch and 640- by 480-pixel resolution, the
Basic Color Monitor gives you the image quality you need for text
documents and graphic images. A built-in, tilt-and-swivel base makes
it simple to position the display to the angle you find most
comfortable. And brightness, contrast, and on/off controls are
conveniently located on the front panel.

The Basic Color Monitor is compatible with the Macintosh LC line,
the Macintosh Centris line, the Macintosh Quadra line, and many
Macintosh PowerBook computers. It attaches directly to your computer's
monitor port for plug-and-play simplicity. And the Basic Color Display
meets low-frequency ELF and VLF requirements for magnetic and electric

The Apple Basic Color Monitor is the most economical member of the
Macintosh half-page display family, which also includes the Macintosh
Color Display, a 14-inch monitor equipped with the Trinitron picture
tube for superior resolution, brightness, color definition and clarity.
The flat, high-contrast screen of the Macintosh Color Display eliminates
distortions and delivers crystal-clear resolution over the entire area
of the screen-even in your most finely detailed drawings.

In short, the Basic Color Monitor is a good choice for Macintosh users
who want the impact and appeal of a color monitor at the most affordable
price. And for even brighter color and exceptional resolution, the
Macintosh Color Display is an outstanding alternative.

Apple Basic Color Monitor Features
Display quality
… 14-inch screen, 640 horizontal by 480 vertical pixels
… 39 mm dot pitch

Ergonomic features
… Tilt-and-swivel base for adjustment to comfortable viewing angle
… 60-Hz refresh rate
… Meets strict SWEDAC MPR-2 requirements for low-frequency (ELF and VLF)
magnetic and electric emissions

Ease of use
… Plug-and-play simplicity with any Macintosh LC, Macintosh Centris,
Macintosh Quadra, or Macintosh PowerBook computer
… Easy access to brightness, contrast, and on/off controls

Technical Specifications

Picture tube
… 14-in. diagonal, 13-in. viewable CRT
… .39 mm dot pitch
… 640 horizontal by 480 vertical pixels

Active display area
… Adjusted at the factory to produce an active video area described
by an ideal rectangle of 9.3 x 6.9 in. (235 x 176 mm)
Scan rates
… 60 Hz vertical

… Brightness
… Contrast
… Power on/off

System requirements
… Compatible with all Macintosh LC, Macintosh Centris, Macintosh
Quadra, and many Macintosh PowerBook computers

Ordering Information
Apple Basic Color Monitor
Order No. M9103LL/A

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