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Apple Color OneScanner 1200/30

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The Apple Color OneScanner 1200/30 is a high-quality flat-bed scanner that seamlessly integrates many document creation and processing tasks to save you time and money. It's perfect for a variety of publishing, business, and education needs that require high quality and easy-to-use image scanning and OCR capabilities.

It comes with Apple's OneScanner Dispatcher 2.0 application and other bundled software, to give you easy access to a complete, integrated set of tools. You can scan, print, archive, and OCR your scans--and even convert them automatically to HTML--making it easier than ever to create newsletters or streamline web authoring.


  • Delivers outstanding image quality with 600- by 1,200-dot-per-inch resolution (interpolated to 4,800- by 4,800-dpi), 30-bit color images (over a billion colors).
  • Has a low profile and compact size, barely larger than a sheet of ledger paper, so it fits easily on your desktop.
  • Includes Xerox TextBridge 3.0h OCR software for easy OCR-to-HTML text document conversion.
  • Comes with easy-to-use OneScanner Dispatcher 2.0 software.
  • Saves images in a range of file formats, including GIF and native Photoshop 2.5.
  • Provides ColorSync 2.1 color matching, which means the colors on your display match the colors of your original as closely as possible. Includes profiles optimized for reflective scans, slides, or film negatives.
  • With the Transparent Media Adapter, scans and produces positives from film negatives.

Apple's Competitive Advantage

The Apple Color OneScanner 1200/30 features superior image quality through its 30-bit color gamut (vs. the 24-bit scanning offered by most competitors). Apple goes farther with ColorSync, the most widely used color-management software, by providing specific ColorSync profiles for reflective, negative, and positive scanning situations. It offers a better software value, because it comes with OneScanner Displatcher 2.0, the full version of Xerox TextBridge 3.0h for automatic OCR-to-HTML conversion, and a Photoshop module accelerated for PowerPC and Kai's Power Tools 3.0se. The daylight-balanced Xenon bulb offers "cool" scanning that more correctly captures color information.

How does the Color OneScanner 1200/30 differ from the Color OneScanner 600/27?

The two scanners share many features, most notably the unique OneScanner Dispatcher software. However, the Apple Color OneScanner 1200/30 provides superior optical and interpolative resolution (30-bit, 600 by 1200 pixels vs. 27-bit, 300 by 600 pixels; and recognition of more than 1 billion colors, far more than the Color OneScanner 600/27). Because of the increased resolution and different scanning engine, the Color OneScanner 1200/30 is able to utilize the Transparent Media Adapter as well as the Automatic Document Feeder option.


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