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Apple Color OneScanner 600/27

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The Apple Color OneScanner 600/27 is a simple-to-use, compact flat-bed scanner for cost-conscious home, office, and education users who need quality scans. It comes with OneScanner Dispatcher 2.0 software, an innovative application that makes scanning and a variety of related functions easier and better integrated than ever before. And it's versatile: If you already have a computer with a fax modem and a printer, adding the Color OneScanner 600/27 means you have everything you need for a virtual copier and fax machine, as well as the ability to scan text and graphics.


  • Delivers excellent image quality with 300- by 600-dot-per-inch resolution (interpolated to 2,400- by 2,400-dpi), 27-bit color images (16.7 million colors), and the ability to recognize more than 134 million colors.
  • Has a low profile and compact size, barely larger than a sheet of ledger paper, so it fits easily on your desktop.
  • Comes with easy-to-use OneScanner Dispatcher 2.0 software.
  • Includes Xerox TextBridge 3.0h OCR software that transforms scans into text files.
  • Provides ColorSync 2.1 color matching, which means the colors on your display match the colors of your original as closely as possible.
  • Supports PICT, TIFF, JPEG, EPS, Photoshop 2.5, and PC BMP formats.

Apple's Competitive Advantage

The Apple Color OneScanner 600/27 offers outstanding value through its powerful OneScanner Dispatcher software, which makes this scanner exceptionally easy to use and provides integrated document-management capabilities. It also features superior image quality through its 27-bit color gamut (vs. the 24-bit scanning offered by competitors) and its use of ColorSync color matching, the most widely used color-management software. It offers a better software value, because it comes with the full version of the award-winning Xerox TextBridge 3.0h OCR application and a Photoshop module accelerated for the PowerPC processor, as opposed to the "light," nonaccelerated software versions that accompany the competitors. The daylight-balanced Xenon bulb offers "cool" scanning that more correctly captures color information.

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