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An unfinished operating system by Apple Computer which was scrapped in favour of the NeXT merger. This was intended to become Mac OS 8 but instead the traditional system core continued up until version 9.2.2, though some elements of the Copland system were incorporated into the old system.

What exits of the operating system is known for being a disaster and the result of poor project management. The story seems to include independent teams given different ideas to try incorporating into the new system, then having everything shoved into one big mess. The leaked betas of the Copland operating system are horribly unstable and will often crash even when sitting idle. Upper management at Apple Computer gave up and instead triggered the NeXT merger and the eventual porting of OPENSTEP to the PowerPC.


The Copland betas will run on the early NuBus PowerPC systems including the Power Macintosh 6100, Power Macintosh 7100 and Power Macintosh 8100. We believe some users have also installed the Copland system within Macintosh emulators.

We're not sure if this includes all of the developer releases, but the later versions should also run on some earlier models of the Power Macintosh 7200, Power Macintosh 7500, Power Macintosh 8500 and Power Macintosh 9500.


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