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Apple Delivers New AppleScript Scripter's Kit for Solution Providers - 12/1993

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Date: Tue, 21 Dec 93 11:15:48 PST
From: macmod (Info-Mac Moderator)
Subject: [*] New AppleScript Kit


Emilio Robles
Apple Computer, Inc.
(408) 862-5671


Toni Giusti
Cunningham Communication, Inc.
(408) 982-0400

Apple Delivers New AppleScript Scripter's Kit for Solution Providers

New Toolkit Allows Solution Providers to Integrate Off-the-shelf Applications
Across Desktops and Networks for Increased Productivity

CUPERTINO, California--December 13, 1993--Apple Computer, Inc. today
introduced its AppleScript Scripter's Kit, a new software tool that enables
solutions providers and end-users to integrate elements of commercial
Macintosh software applications across desktops and networks.  By providing
an easy way to integrate computing processes across different off-the-shelf
applications, AppleScript allows users to dramatically boost productivity.
    The AppleScript Scripter's Kit brings Apple's scripting language to a new
class of users.  Now, the power and extendibility of AppleScript is available
to solutions providers, in-house developers, value-added resellers (VARs),
system integrators and end-users.  Since April 1993, AppleScript has been
available as a software developer's kit for commercial software developers.
    "AppleScript is a key technology that provides significant added value to
customers' existing desktop and networked applications, without costly
investment in new operating system technologies," said AppleSoft senior vice
president and general manager David Nagel. "Building on the extensible
foundation of System 7 and our cross- platform Open Scripting Architecture
(OSA), AppleScript is at the heart of Apple's commitment to make computing
easier and more focused on users' needs.  AppleScript and the OSA provide a
clear path towards Apple's universal compound document environment known as
    The AppleScript Scripter's Kit includes an enhanced version of Apple's
scripting language,  AppleScript 1.1, an enhanced script editor, and an
interface processor from Software Designs Unlimited, Inc.  AppleScript is a
system-software-level scripting language that enables users to integrate
components of commercial and in-house software applications.  The interface
builder from Software Designs Unlimited, Inc., allows users to build
interfaces for their scripts.

Powerful New Automation Features
    The AppleScript scripting language enables users to tightly integrate the
functionality of standard, off-the-shelf applications as well as in-house,
enterprise-wide programs to build customized scripts that automate business
processes and increase productivity.
    For example, with AppleScript, a sales department can automatically
generate a weekly report that invokes functions from a series of scriptable
applications such as Microsoft Excel, FileMaker Pro and QuarkXPress.
AppleScript can gather data from one application, process it in another and
present it in a third automatically at a given time or based on an event,
locally or over a network.  Before AppleScript, these time-consuming
functions needed to be performed manually by launching and working directly
in each individual application.

"Scriptable" Applications
    Since the AppleScript Software Developer's Kit was introduced in April
1993, over 80 independent software vendors (ISVs) are now shipping
AppleScript-aware applications (see related news release). ISVs that provide
scriptable applications include:  Aldus, Beyond, Claris, Great Plains,
Microsoft, Quark, Symantec, UserLand and WordPerfect among others.
    "AppleScript has built a loyal following among commercial developers.
Through OSA, AppleScript is open, extensible and operates across networks,
which makes it an attractive solution for a wide variety of applications and
solutions," said Chuck Piercey, product marketing manager for AppleScript.
"Today's leading commercial software developers have recognized the payoff of
AppleScript for themselves as well as for their users and have mobilized to
make sure they can take advantage of this powerful technology."
    Scriptable products help ISVs reach new users by enabling their products
to be built into more solutions.  AppleScript gives ISVs an easy way to
differentiate their products and leverage new technologies such as voice
recognition.  In addition, AppleScript helps ISVs reduce development time and
costs by removing the need to create a proprietary scripting language.

Solution Providers
    The AppleScript Scripter's Kit is an important tool for corporate
solution providers because it introduces new business opportunities. With the
Scripter's Kit, solution providers such as in-house developers, consultants,
VARs and system integrators, can tightly link components of existing software
applications to provide tailored solutions.  The ability to easily leverage
proven, commercial applications in new ways allows solution providers to
enhance the functionality and value of their product.
    AppleScript Scripter's Kit lets solution providers take a more targeted
business approach.  Since AppleScript can directly record user actions in
certain applications, solution providers can customize their products to meet
very specific user needs or provide solutions that are easily customizable by
the user.
    "AppleScript is gaining momentum because it encourages new levels of
functionality and efficiency with today's leading applications," said Tony De
Young, of San Francisco-based production company ARTLab. "Scripting gives us
the ability to access and leverage the millions of lines of commercial
software code and provide our customers with the kind of focused solutions
they need.  For example, we used AppleScript to mimic an existing workflow
that had previously taken 30 people six weeks to complete.  Using AppleScript
with three existing software programs, we were able to produce the same
results with one person in two hours."

End Users
    Ultimately, AppleScript allows end-users to focus on getting work done
quickly.  The Scripter's Kit allows users to combine familiar applications in
custom ways to automate routine work and perform complex, time-consuming

The AppleScript Scripter's Kit
    The AppleScript Scripter's Kit, targeted at solution providers and end
users, contains AppleScript 1.1 and a script editor that automatically
generates and edits scripts based on user's actions. The Scripter's Kit also
includes:  an interface processor that enables building custom interfaces for
scripts; support for multiple dialects that provides for scripting in
non-English languages (French and Japanese are included); and a
redistribution license for AppleScript system software and interface
processor runtime code.
    The AppleScript scripting language is integrated into the Macintosh
operating system and conforms to Apple's cross-platform Open Scripting
Architecture (OSA) standard.  Developed in cooperation with third-party
developers, the OSA provides a standard way for mainstream applications to
interact with any scripting system and is a key deliverable of Apple's
OpenDoc technology.  OpenDoc is a compound document architecture that enables
users to create compound, customizable documents.  AppleScript is an element
of Apple's long- term strategy to automate the Macintosh computing
environment, improve application interaction and provide a foundation
technology for OpenDoc.

Software Developer's Kit
    AppleScript was offered initially as a toolkit for commercial software
developers in April and is now updated to Version 1.1.  The AppleScript
Developer's Kit for commercial developers includes the AppleScript Scripter's
Kit plus a pre-release version of the scriptable finder and development
tools.  Apple also licenses the AppleScript runtime software and the script
editor to commercial developers for shipment with their products.  For more
information on licensing, developers worldwide should contact Apple Software
Licensing at (408) 974-4667.

Pricing and Availability
    The U.S. suggested retail price of the AppleScript Scripter's Kit 1.1 is
$189.  Volume purchases of site licenses are available for the AppleScript
Scripter's Kit through the Apple volume licensing program.
    The AppleScript Scripter's Kit 1.1 is planned to be available at the end
of the month and will be able to be ordered through software resellers, Apple
authorized resellers and APDA -- Apple's source for developer tools.  APDA
can be reached in the United States at (800) 282-2732;  in Canada at (800)
637-0039; or internationally at (716) 871-6555.  Apple resellers can be
located by calling (800) 538-9696.
    All customers have access to toll-free telephone support by calling Apple
Assurance at (800) SOS-APPL.  Advanced scripting support is available for a
fee by calling (800) 950-2442.


Apple, the Apple logo, and Macintosh are registered trademarks and System 7
and AppleScript are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.

EDITOR'S NOTE:  The AppleScript Scripter's Guide, which lists all scriptable
applications, is available by contacting Cindy Cooper of Cunningham
Communication, Inc. at AppleLink address:  CCI.Calif.  If you are interested
in receiving Apple releases via fax, call (800) AAPL-FAX and enter I.D.
number 6172.


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