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Apple Details PowerPC Technology Upgrade Options - 01/1994

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Contact: Betty Taylor, Apple Computer, Inc., (408) 974-3983

	   Apple Details PowerPC Technology Upgrade Options
		     for Current Macintosh Models

SAN FRANCISCO, California--January 3, 1994--In anticipation of the
debut of its next-generation PC platform, Macintosh  with PowerPC ,
Apple Computer Inc. today unveiled how current Macintosh customers
can upgrade to PowerPC technology. Specifically, Apple announced
plans to offer both logic board and processor upgrades based on the
PowerPC 601  chip for a wide range of Macintosh systems. The upgrades
are designed to provide current Macintosh customers with access to
the  power and performance of the new PowerPC technology, developed
jointly by Apple, IBM and Motorola.

Both the logic board and processor upgrade products are designed
with the PowerPC 601  chip to provide 2-4 times the performance of
the existing Macintosh models when running native applications.
Details on the upgrade options are as follows:

- Apple expects to provide logic board upgrades for the Macintosh
Quadra  840AV, 800, 660AV, 650 and 610 models, the Macintosh Centris
660AV, 650 and 610 computers, and the Macintosh IIvx, vi and Performa
600 products.  Additionally, owners of the Apple Workgroup server 60,
80 and 95 will be offered logic board upgrades to PowerPC processor-
based systems which will run a version of the Macintosh System 7.0
operating system for the PowerPC processor.

Logic board upgrades will provide these existing Macintosh models
with the full functionality of PowerPC technology.
Dealer installation is required.

-  Apple plans to offer a lower cost processor upgrade card for
the Quadra a950, 900, 800, 700, 650 and 610 models, as well as
the Centris 650 and 610 computers.

This processor card will provide customers with a low-cost upgrade
option that is also user-installable. The processor upgrade card
takes advantage of the Processor Direct Slot (PDS) in these Macintosh
68040-based systems. With the addition of this processor upgrade,
systems run at twice the speed (megahertz) of the Motorola 68040-
based system they are upgrading. For example, a 25 MHz system will
run at 50 MHz with the addition of the PowerPC processor upgrade.

		       Availability and Pricing

   Apple plans to ship the PowerPC technology upgrade products
simultaneously with the introduction of the new Macintosh with
PowerPC systems in the first half of 1994.  Macintosh desktop upgrade
products are expected to range in price from less than US $700 to

                Apple and Third-Party Options

   Apple continues to work on upgrades for other Macintosh models.
In addition, Apple is working in conjunction with selected third-party
developers to provide an array of options for customers to upgrade to
PowerPC technology. In November, 1993, Apple announced a licensing
agreement with DayStar Digital, under which DayStar plans to develop
a high-performance processor upgrade car for the Quadra 650, 700, 800,
900 and 950 systems, and the Macintosh Centris 650.