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Apple Developer Mailing

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Apple Developer Mailing is one of the most important sources of up-to-date software and programming information for developers. Each monthly mailing includes the latest in the Developer CD Series, a set of CD-ROMs containing the latest system software, software development kits (SDKs), and developer documentation. There are three kinds of developer CDs that rotate throughout the year. The System Software CD concentrates on the latest in Apple System Software and Extensions, including versions of the system localized in over 30 different languages. Accompanying the System Software CD are the MacOS SDK CDs, which include complete SDKs for all current system software Extensions. The Tool Chest edition of the CD includes a wide variety of tools to help developers create great Mac programs. Finally, the Reference Library CD includes electronic versions of all of the important developer documentation, such as Inside Macintosh.

In addition to the Developer CDs, the mailing includes Apple Directions, a report on the current state of the Macintosh development business. Apple Directions often contains useful information about the future direction of Apple technologies. Also, the mailing frequently includes additional information on Apple technologies in the form of white papers discussing overall strategies and future directions.

The Developer Mailing is available only from APDA, through the Developer Catalog. A yearly subscription to the Developer Mailing costs about $150.00.

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