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Getting started can sometimes be a daunting task. Multiple options to choose from, multiple programs available to sign up to, alternatives that may sound the same. How to determine which training to go to, what tool to use.

These pages are your guide for getting started as an Apple Developer. Follow a few simple steps to get on for a quick start. Learn about the programs, training options, and tools you'll need to get your work done. Also, find about the key contacts that will facilitate get through with your development work and bringing your product to market.

Apple Technology Mailing Lists

  • Game Sprockets - Apple Game Sprockets is a collection of technologies designed to make life easier for game developers. They are designed for the selfish reason that we want cool games for the Mac. There are a whole bunch of great business reasons as well, but basically, we want the best games in the world to be the ones that run on the Mac OS. Subscribe to our mailing list today.
  • Cyberdog Mailing Lists - Cyberdog is a breakthrough approach to the Internet, using Apple's new technology, OpenDoc. Cyberdog provides you with the ability to browse the World Wide Web, read and write email, follow usenet newsgroup discussions, utilize file transfer services to share files, explore gopher-space, and remotely login to computers via telnet.
  • OpenDoc/CILabs Mailing Lists - CILABS-ANNOUNCE list carries announcements from CI Labs. CILABS-INTEREST is a forum for interested parties to discuss CI Labs issues. Other lists discuss specific CILabs technologies, requirements for additional technologies, or component software in general.
  • QuickDraw GX Fan Club - This page will allow you to join one of two GX-related mailing lists sponsored by the QuickDraw GX Fan Club. The forms will take your name and list preference and forward it to the listserver. You will receive a confirmation of your subscription at the e-mail address you provide. You may also choose to receive the list as a digest only. You may also choose to unsubscribe either from the digest mode or from the list.
  • QuickTime Mail Lists - QuickTime is the multi-platform industry-standard multimedia architecture used by software tool vendors and content creators to create and deliver synchronized graphics, sound, video, text and music. Two mail lists and a newsgroup let you announce, ask and answer everything QuickTime.
  • QuickTime VR Mail List - QuickTime VR (QTVR) brings virtual reality to your desktop without any special equipment. Use it to experience a 3D photographic or rendered representation of any person, place or thing. Share your problems and insights with QTVR devotees 'round the world on the QTVR Mailing list.
  • Speech (PlainTalk) Mailing List - Apple's Speech Recognition (PlainTalk) and Speech Synthesis Technologies now give speech-savvy applications the power to carry out your voice commands, and even speak back to you in plain English, and now, Spanish. Speech is popping up all over on the net. Join the PlainTalk mailing list today.

develop, The Apple Technical Journal


develop, Apple's award-winning quarterly technical journal, contains full-length articles, columns, and Q? that will help reduce your development time and enhance your programming savvy. develop provides an in-depth look at code and techniques that have been reviewed for robustness by Apple engineers.

develop is now published by MacTech magazine.


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