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Apple EtherTalk NB Card

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The Apple EtherTalk NB Card provides direct connectivity to 802.3 Ethernet networks for the Macintosh II family of personal computers. This easy-to-install card lets you use the computer with a variety of networking protocols, including the AppleTalk network system and TCP/IP.


  • Compliance with IEEE 802.3 standards
  • Includes EtherTalk software (AppleTalk Phase 2 protocol support for users of the Macintosh operating system)
  • A/UX local area networking support



  • BNC connector for thin Ethernet (RG-58) cabling
  • AUI (15-pin D-style) connector for connecting external transceivers

Transmit/Receive data rate:

  • 10-megabit-per-second maximum data rate
  • On-board thin Ethernet transceiver (jumper-selectable)

Packet buffering:

  • 64 kilobytes of dual-ported local RAM for packet buffering
  • 32 kilobytes of ROM

Power dissipation:

  • +5 volts: 6.5 watts maximum
  • + 12 volts: 3.6 watts maximum

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