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Apple Gives Educators Easy On-Ramp to Information Superhighway - 04/1995

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Apple Gives Educators Easy On-Ramp to Information Superhighway
New Internet Bundle for Educators Announced at Internet World
SAN JOSE, California-April 10, 1995-Apple Computer, Inc., today brought school
districts, school librarians and individual teachers within arm's reach of the
Internet with the introduction of the Apple Education Series:  Personal
Internet Solution Bundle.  The new product is the latest addition to the Apple
Education Series, a suite of products and programs that help educators
effectively use and integrate technology into their learning environments.
Announced at Internet World '95, the Apple Education Series:  Personal Internet
Solution Bundle offers individual educators and schools a simple way to access
the Internet, explore its resources, and share information, expertise and
interests with others on the Information Superhighway.  The bundle contains all
the elements to make it easy for schools to connect to the Internet and access
the popular Worldwide Web‹including software, an external modem, a step-by-step
guide, and a trial offer from a national Internet service provider.
"Educators today recognize the need to prepare students for the 21st century,"
says Terry Crane, Ed.D, vice president and general manager of Apple USA's
Education Division.  "Access to the vast resources, and repositories of
information that exist on the Internet has enormous implications to education
as it's challenged to help students build the skills necessary for learning and
working in a global marketplace.  The Apple Education Series:  Personal
Internet Bundle is part of Apple's ongoing commitment to provide educators with
dynamic, leading-edge solutions that make it easy to use the latest technology
available to them."
The first thing educators will see after connecting to the program is Apple's
new Learning Community Home Page, which gives users direct access to a range of
general education information available on the World Wide Web.
The Apple Education Series:  Personal Internet Solution Bundle combines all the
components necessary for schools to easily connect Macintosh computers to the
Internet, and is available for a fraction of what it would cost schools to assemble 
all the components individually.  The bundle includes:
€ Internet Software Package.  The software includes Netscape Navigator, a
Worldwide Web Browser from Netscape, Eudora by Qualcomm Internet Mail, and an
Internet serial line connection package.
€ Local Reference CD Pack.  Educators can use CD-ROM research tools such as
encyclopedias in preparation for venturing onto the Internet for additional
information.  The CD Pack includes Time Almanac:  Reference Edition from
Compact Publishing, Inc., Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia from Future Vision
Multimedia, Inc., INFOPEDIA from Mindscape, Inc., and Electronic Arts 3D Atlas
from Electronic Arts.
€ Internet provider connection.  The first three months of maintenance fees are
waived with the connection to Portal Information Network, a national Internet
provider.  Subsequent months of connection can be purchased by the customer
directly from Portal Information Network.  The company provides over 1,500
local access numbers in the United States, allowing most educators
and schools to avoid costly 800 number surcharges or long distance charges.
€ Modem.  The bundles and the stand-alone kit include an external Global
Village 14.4 modem.
€ Getting Started Guide.  Included is an easy-to-follow guide describing in
both pictures and text how to set up the modem, install the software, and
create an Internet account.
€ Discount coupons for education reference materials:
- A discount on the National School Board Associatio's Special Report
"Telecommunications and Education:  Surfing and the Art of Change."
- A discount to purchase "Education on the Internet," a book by Jill H.
Ellsworh from SAMS Publishing detailing the use of the Internet in the
classroom.  It includes resources by curriculum areas, and directions on how to
find information on the Internet.
- Three months free subscription to "Classroom CONNECT," a monthly guide to
using the Internet and commercial on-line services in education, published by
Wentworth Publishing, Inc.
Pricing and Availability
The Apple Education Series:  Personal Internet Bundle is available for the
Power Macintosh 5200/75 LC, the Macintosh LC 580, or as a stand-alone kit that
educators can use to connect their existing Macintosh computers to the
€  Power Macintosh 5200/75 LC and the Macintosh LC 580 bundles includes an
external Global Village 14.4 modem, Internet Software Package, Internet Access,
Getting Started Guide, discounts on education reference material, and the Local
Reference CD Pack.  The Power Macintosh 5200/75 is priced at $1899, and the
Macintosh LC 580 at $1549.  Both configurations will be available in mid-May.
€  Stand-alone Kit includes an external Global Village 14.4 modem, Internet
Software Package, Internet Access, Getting Started Guide, discounts on
education reference materials, and the Local Reference CD Pack.  The
stand-alone kit is priced at $299 and will be available in mid-May.
Other Apple Education Series products include:  Business Education, the High
School Biology Bundle, Elementary and Secondary Reference Bundles,
Communications Bundle,  Early Language Connections, Spanish Language
Connections, Early Childhood Connections, Math Bundle:  Grades 5-8, Education
Advantage Bundles, Teacher Solution Bundle, Collaborative Learning Products,
the Network Assistance Kit, Teaching and Learning Technology­a Planning Guide,
and Staff Development Workshops.  For more information on the Apple Education
Series call Apple at 1-800-800-AAPL.
Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Apple Computer, Inc., (NASDAQ:AAPL)
develops, manufacturers and markets personal computers, server and personal
interactive electronic systems for use in business, education, the home,
science, engineering and government.  A recognized pioneer and innovator in the
personal computer industry, Apple does business in more than 140 countries.
Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks, and Power
Macintosh and Early Language Connections are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.