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Apple II Workstation Card

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The Apple II Workstation Card and the AppleShare IIe Work­station software included with it give users at enhanced Apple IIe computers access to AppleShare file servers, network printers (such as the Apple LaserWriter and ImageWriter), and AppleShare print servers. The Apple II Workstation Card, in conjunction with an AppleShare file server connected to an AppleTalk net­work, also allows Apple IIe users to start up from the file server, without using local disk drives. Apple IIe users can print to net­work printers and share informa­tion stored on AppleShare file servers. At the same time, other Apple II, Macintosh and MS­-DOS users have the ability to access folders (directories), documents, applications, and storage space. And using an AppleShare file server or network printer is as easy as using a local ProDOS disk or serial printer.

The Apple II Workstation Card connects your Apple IIe computer to an AppleTalk network using the LocalTalk Cabling System. This card also includes a built-in super serial port for direct con­nection to serial devices such as ImageWriter printers. The Apple II Workstation Card is ideally suited to the require­ments of users in educational environments who want to share printers and reduce the amount of time spent handling disks.


  • Diskless startup from AppleShare file server
  • AppleShare file-server access from ProDOS 8
  • Menu-driven network software
  • Transparent ProDOS 8 support
  • Transparent print software
  • Board-resident AppleTalk protocols and processor
  • Super serial port on card


  • AppleShare volumes - AppleShare volumes appear to ProDOS 8 users as logical Pro­DOS drives, accessed with Pro­DOS pathnames and standard system utilities. ProDOS applica­tions and documents can be stored and used from server volumes.
  • Access procedures - Accessing information is simple and efficient using the file-server and printer-access software that's included with the work­station card. Users need remem­ber only one password; once logged on, the server automatic­ally manages all directory access.
  • Information exchange - With an AppleShare file server, ProDOS, Macintosh, and MS-­DOS users have common access to stored documents. Apple File Exchange for the Macintosh provides document format con­version where necessary.
  • Privacy - AppleShare IIe workstation software fully supports the AppleShare server's powerful privacy system with an easy-to­-use interface. File-server users control information by selec­tively granting access to the directories they own on server volumes. Access privileges al­low the owner of a directory to keep information private, share it with a group, or make it available to all server users, with complete control over how the information is used.
  • Network printers - Network printers and spoolers, such as the LaserWriter, Image­Writer (with the LocalTalk option), and AppleShare print server, appear as locally attached serial printers and can be transparently accessed from within ProDOS applications.

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