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Date: Thu, 15 Sep 1994 14:55:30 -0800
From: (Kee Nethery +1 408 974 7889)
Subject: Apple IP Gateway Info (A)

The following should answer your questions about the Apple IP Gateway. The
following is taken from the Apple IP Gateway Press Release.

The Apple IP Gateway builds on Apple's recent announcement to include MacTCP=
its System 7.5 operating system.  MacTCP client software allows Macintosh=AE
computers on IP networks to communicate using TCP/IP protocols. With the App=
IP Gateway, the MacTCP client can now be used on Macintosh computers connect=
to an AppleTalk network. The Gateway acts as a translator between AppleTalk =
TCP/IP network protocols, allowing Macintosh computers on AppleTalk networks=
access IP services as if they were on the IP network.

Multiprotocol Connectivity
Together with MacTCP, the IP Gateway enables multiprotocol connectivity. Whi=
accessing TCP/IP services, using tools such as Telnet, File Transfer Protoco=
(FTP), Gopher, World-Wide Web and Wide-Area Information Servers (WAIS),
customers continue to have full access to their existing AppleTalk services.
Customers can, for instance, simultaneously connect to an AppleShare=AE file
server through AppleTalk and a UNIX host through FTP. Macintosh customers ca=
now easily get access to both AppleTalk and TCP/IP services from the office,
home or on the road with Apple Remote Access.

The Apple IP Gateway runs in the background of Macintosh computers that util=
System 7 or later, including Power Macintosh systems, or Macintosh OS-based
Workgroup Servers from Apple, which are connected to an IP network through
Ethernet.  It is especially powerful when run concurrently with the Apple
Internet Router or Apple Remote Access Server products.  When run with the
Apple Internet Router, the Apple IP Gateway provides IP access to any AppleT=
network connected to the router. When run with the Apple Remote Access Perso=
or MultiPort Server, the Apple IP Gateway provides IP access to any remote
Macintosh computer, including Macintosh PowerBooks, dialing into the server.

Additionally, the Apple IP Gateway allows network administrators to manage u=
access so that only users on specific AppleTalk networks can get access to t=
IP services.  This gives administrators tight control and allows them to eas=
track users of these services.  The gateway also enables the monitoring of
network activity and errors, keeping administrators up-to-date on network
status.  In addition, the IP Gateway has built-in support for the Simple
Network Management Protocol (SNMP), so it can be easily monitored by any
SNMP-based management station.

Availability and Pricing
The Apple IP Gateway is expected to be available through Apple authorized
resellers in the U.S. by September 15, 1994.  The Apple IP Gateway is a
standalone software package and will carry an Apple Price of $249 in the U.S=
Current customers with the Apple Remote Access Personal Server 2.0.1 or
MultiPort Server 2.0.1 or the Apple Internet Router 3.0.1 will be able to
purchase the IP Gateway in the U.S. at the reduced price of $69 with proof o=
purchase. Price and availability may vary outside the U.S.  For more
information on the Apple IP Gateway, call the Apple Network Information Line=
(408) 862-3385.


Apple, the Apple logo, AppleShare, AppleTalk and Macintosh are registered
trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.   MacTCP is a trademark of Apple Computer=
Inc.  WAIS is a trademark of WAIS, Inc.  UNIX is a trademark of Bell
Laboratories.  All other trademarks are owned by their respective companies.


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