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Apple ImageWriter II

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The ImageWriter II ran in production between 1985 and 1996. This was a fairly popular printer and was often found in school computer labs.

The Apple ImageWriter II printer can enhance the quality of all your printed communications. It works with any Apple personal computer to create high-quality text and graphics in black or - with a color ribbon and appropriate software­ - in color. You can print up to 2 1/2 pages per minute (250 characters per second), or choose the "near-letter-quality" mode for documents with a professional look.

This is a printer that will grow with your needs. Add the Image­Writer II SheetFeeder for effortless cut-sheet printing. An AppleTalk card allows up to 31 users to share an ImageWriter II over the AppleTalk Personal Network. Or add a 32K Memory Option printing buffer (works with Apple II computers only) so you can continue working while your document is being printed. For any application - from word processing and business graphics to accounting and artwork - you'll find the Apple ImageWriter II the right printer for your current and future needs.


Print method:

  • Impact dot matrix

Print modes/speeds:

  • Draft: 250 characters per second (cps) at 10 characters per inch (2 1/2 pages per minute)
  • Standard: 180 cps (2 pages per minute)
  • Near-letter-quality: 45 cps (1/2 page per minute) (Actual throughput will vary depending on computer and software.)

Character format:

  • Fixed alphanumeric symbols
    • Draft mode: Up to 12 by 8 dot matrix
    • Standard mode: Up to 7 by 8 dots
    • Near-letter-quality mode: Up to 16 by 16 dots
  • Custom (downloaded) characters
    • Variable width, up to 16 by 8 dots

Character pitches:

  • Draft, standard, and near­-letter-quality: 9 to 17 characters per inch (72 to 136 characters per line), through use of nor­mal and double-width modes
  • Proportional text: 144 or 160 dots per inch

Built-in character sets:

  • American, Italian, Danish, British, German, Swedish, French, and Spanish
  • Selectable by using dip switches or appropriate software

Graphic densities:

  • 72, 80, 96, 107, 120, 136, 144, and 160 dots per inch (maximum dots per line: 1,280)


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