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Apple Internet Connection Kit

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The Apple Internet Connection Kit is an integrated collection of Apple and "best of class" third-party software that allows a Macintosh computer user to connect directly to the Internet quickly and easily. It provides all the necessary components to make a Macintosh computer ready for Internet connection; with one-button install for all key applications, automatic configuration of Internet applications for the system, compatibility with other Internet tools, it is the perfect solution for users who want direct Internet access.

The popularity of the Internet continues to grow exponentially, as more and more people discover the amazing information and communication resources available on line. But navigating (or "surfing") the Internet requires more than just a desire to try it. You need a variety of software tools--browsers, viewers, file-transfer programs, e-mail, and more--as well as a qualified Internet service provider. In fact, setting up your computer for Internet connection can be a time-consuming process.

Luckily, Macintosh users who want to connect to the Internet already have one big advantage: right out of the box, the Macintosh is the easiest-to-use computer available. Now Apple has made direct Internet connection for Macintosh owners easier than ever.

With the Apple Internet Connection Kit, you get high-quality, "best of class" software in all of the categories you need for successful Internet access and use. You also get the Apple Internet Dialer, which makes signing up with a qualified Internet service provider and getting connected to the Internet a matter of minutes rather than days. Just double-click the application and fill in the blanks, and the Apple Internet Dialer will call a service provider for you. Within minutes, you'll be connected to the Internet--where you can send and receive e-mail, conduct research, plan your own travel itinerary, play games, shop, and much, much more.

Because dealing with the Internet sometimes raises more questions than it answers, the Apple Internet Connection Kit includes a "getting started" manual and special Apple Guide on-line help, as well as third-party documentation.

The Apple Internet Connection Kit--the easiest, fastest, most complete tool for connecting your Macintosh computer directly to the Internet.

Product Details

Apple Internet Dialer on-line Internet service registration software

  • Offers a choice of qualified Internet service providers in your area
  • Streamlines the process of registration for Internet service
  • Configures the applications to run on your system

Netscape Navigator browser software

  • Allows you to browse the World Wide Web

Claris Emailer Lite software

  • Enables you to receive and send Internet e-mail messages via an intuitive drag-and-drop interface

The Apple Internet Connection Kit includes best-of-class Internet applications, including the award-winning Web browser, Netscape Navigator.

Dartmouth Fetch FTP software

  • Lets you access File Transfer Protocol (FTP) services to download specific files

Aladdin Stuffit Expander decompression software

  • Automatically decompresses files that you download from the Internet

NewsWatcher browser software

  • Allows access to Usenet newsgroup discussions

SLIP and PPP software

  • Allows the use of MacTCP application program over your modem line, so your Macintosh and Internet applications can communicate with the protocols used by the Internet (SLIP and PPP)

NCSA Telnet terminal emulation software

  • Allows your Macintosh to emulate a terminal for connection to many libraries and catalogs

QuickTime VR Player

  • Lets you view multimedia presentations and video clips over the Internet

Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • Lets you view portable document format (PDF) files in their exact original format

RealAudio Player

  • Enables you to hear programmed audio in real time over the Internet

Dartmouth MacPing

  • Useful network troubleshooting tool


  • Includes a "getting started" guide that helps you get acquainted with the Internet and your new tools, and shows you how to navigate the Internet

On-line help

  • Includes Internet-specific Apple Guide on-line help
  • Offers third-party documentation on CD
  • Provides telephone support for installation and configuration

System requirements

  • An Apple Macintosh, Power Macintosh, PowerBook, or other Mac OS-based computer
  • Minimum 8MB of RAM with virtual memory, 12MB recommended
  • Macintosh system software version 7.5 or later
  • A 9,600-bps (or faster) modem (14,400 bps recommended) or a connection to a local area network that is already connected to the Internet
  • A minimum of 21MB of available hard disk space
  • A high-density floppy disk drive or CD-ROM drive

AICK 1.1

The Apple Internet Connection Kit combines the Macintosh ease-of-use with the advantages of Netscape Navigator, the leading Web browser, to create a unique, user-friendly way to access and explore the Internet. Building on this strength, AICK 1.1 now offers Netscape Navigator 2.0, a revised version which offers customers better performance when reading files from the Web, improved bookmark management, and integrated email capabilities.

The Apple Internet Connection Kit 1.1 also brings easier network access procedures, through the latest revision of Apple's modern standards-based networking and communications system, Open Transport 1.1. The kit includes the latest update to the Mac OS--System 7.5 Update 2.0--of which Open Transport 1.1 is part. It offers online help--based on Apple Guide technology--to make it easier for an individual to hook up to a network, with fewer demands on network managers and support resources. Home users will also enjoy the increased support for PPP connections, used to communicate with the Internet via modems.

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