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Apple Introduces Color to Its Award-Winning PowerBook Line - 02/1993

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Pat Kinley
Apple Computer, Inc.
(408) 974-2589

Apple Introduces Color to Its Award-Winning PowerBook Line

MACWORLD, TOKYO--February 9, 1993--Apple Computer, Inc. today
introduced the Apple  Macintosh  PowerBook  165c, the first color
notebook in its popular PowerBook line.  The 165c combines high
performance and a sleek ergonomic design with a technically
innovative display that provides the quality color capabilities users
expect from a Macintosh.
    "Many computer users are attracted to color because it offers a
richer interface and better represents the real world," said Randy
Battat, vice president of Portable Computing.  "But these users can't
sacrifice performance.  The PowerBook 165c offers the performance and
speed of our top-of-the-line PowerBook along with a highly refined,
color display that delivers more standard on-screen colors than any
notebook in its class."

Award-Winning Design
    The PowerBook 165c shares the distinctive, all-in-one design of the
PowerBook 145, 160 and 180.  All-in-one PowerBook computers combine
high-performance processing power, rich video and audio capabilities,
standard SCSI connections, and built-in AppleTalk  networking,
enabling users to work when they want to, where they want to, and how
they want to.  The PowerBook features an integrated center trackball,
palm rests, and a compact design.
    With this introduction, all-in-one PowerBook models include the 145,
160, 165c and 180.  Modular PowerBook models include the PowerBook
Duo  210, 230, Duo Dock and Duo MiniDock.

Improved Color Display
    The Macintosh PowerBook 165c is equipped with a new passive matrix
color display, which offers improved brightness and more uniform and
vibrant colors than passive matrix displays offered by competitors.
The display produces richer, more fully saturated colors, yielding
unmatched color quality on screen.
    The 640 x 400 backlit display supports a standard 256 colors from a
palette of 4,096 colors.  Comparatively, other color notebooks come
standard with only 16 colors.

Fast and Powerful
    In addition to the new color display, the PowerBook 165c is equipped
with a high-performance Motorola 68030 microprocessor, running at
33MHz, delivering power and speed that is identical to the
PowerBook 180.  This speed and power, combined with the capability to
display bright, vivid colors, allows PowerBook 165c users to work
easily with high-quality graphics and images such as those needed to
create and deliver professional presentations.
    The 165c also has a 68882 math coprocessor that speeds up complicated
numerical calculations. The system comes standard with 4MB of RAM,
and will be expandable to 14MB when 10MB memory expansion cards for
the 165c become available from third-party developers.

Flexible Video Capabilities
    Like the PowerBook 160 and 180, the PowerBook 165c offers flexible
video-out capabilities, enabling users to connect the 165c to
external monitors and display up to 256 colors.  The on-board video
of the 165c supports the Macintosh 16" Color Display, other Apple
color and monochrome monitors, some VGA and SVGA displays, and large
projection monitors.
    The 165c supports video mirroring and dual monitor mode.  Video
mirroring allows users to view material on their PowerBook display
and an external monitor simultaneously.  Dual monitor mode enables
the PowerBook screen to display one set of data while the external
monitor displays another.  These features are particularly beneficial
to mobile professionals, enabling them to use the 165c to develop an
on-the-fly color presentation and the ability to deliver the
presentation in a professional manner on-site.
    Each PowerBook includes a rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery, AC
adapter, video-out cable, System 7.1 software, training software,
complete set-up, learning and reference documentation, and a one-year
limited warranty.  The 165c also features Apple's EverWatch  battery
saver technology, which turns off power-hungry components such as the
microprocessor, hard disk, modem and backlighting when not in use,
thus extending battery life.  With normal use, a typical battery will
last from 1.5 to 2 hours.  EverWatch will extend battery life when
all or most of its features are used.  All accessories for all-in-one
PowerBook models are compatible with the new PowerBook 165c,
including the new PowerBook Express Modem.

Award-Winning PowerBook Line
    The PowerBook line recently received Product of the Year awards from
Fortune, BusinessWeek and Time magazines.  Additional awards came
from MacUser and BYTE magazines.  MacUser named the PowerBook Duo as
its Breakthrough Product of 1992-1993, and BYTE gave the PowerBook
180 its highest honor, the prestigious Award of Excellence.

Pricing and Availability
    Two PowerBook 165c models will be offered worldwide through
authorized Apple resellers. The PowerBook 165c equipped with 4MB of
RAM and an 80MB hard drive has a suggested retail price in the United
States of $3,399.  A 165c equipped with 4MB of RAM and a 120MB hard
drive will carry a suggested retail price of U.S. $3,759.  (Prices
will vary outside the United States.)  Both models will ship Feb. 9,
1993, however, Apple expects availability to be limited during
initial stages of manufacturing.


Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh, and AppleTalk are registered
trademarks; and PowerBook, EverWatch, PowerBook Duo, Macintosh Duo
and System 7 are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.


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