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Apple Introduces LaserWriter Select Series of Midrange Laser Printers - 02/1993

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Kate Paisley
Apple Computer, Inc.
(408) 974-5453

Apple Introduces LaserWriter Select Series of Midrange Laser Printers

MACWORLD, TOKYO--February 9, 1993--Apple Computer, Inc. today
continued to expand its family of high-quality laser printers with
the introduction of the Apple  LaserWriter  Select series of midrange
printers.  The LaserWriter Select 300 and the LaserWriter Select 310,
the first printers to debut in this line, bring a new level of price
and performance to customers seeking professional quality printing.
They are designed to provide advanced print quality, convenient paper
handling, and greater affordability.
    The LaserWriter Select 300 is Apple's low-cost, expandable laser
printer for individual users.  It has a U.S. suggested retail price
(SRP) of $819.  The LaserWriter Select 310 is Apple's personal
PostScript  printer.  It has a U.S. SRP of $1,079.  With the
introduction of these printers, Apple has enabled every printer in
its LaserWriter family with sophisticated grayscale capabilities so
that users at every level can easily incorporate images into everyday
    "In bringing this new line to market, Apple had one primary goal in
mind--to combine the sophisticated capabilities of our high-end
printers with the affordability of our entry-level printers," said
John Moon, vice president of Imaging Products at Apple.  "The result
is a line of printers that balances our customers' needs for
professional looking documents with the constraints of their
    "We've also targeted the Select 310 beyond our traditional base of
Macintosh users.  Like the LaserWriter Pro 600 and 630 before it, the
LaserWriter Select 310 is a smart choice for Windows-based computer
users, too, because it's designed from the ground up to be easy to
use in both Macintosh and Windows environments."

LaserWriter Select Series
    Both products are powered by a Fuji Xerox 5-page-per-minute laser
engine and share the same compact industrial design.  The printers
come standard with a letter cassette tray that holds 250 sheets of
paper for automatic printing of large jobs, and a manual paper feed
for small jobs requiring personal attention.  An optional 250- or
500-sheet paper tray can be added to the LaserWriter Select series
printers for added convenience.  A 50-sheet multipurpose tray is also
available that holds up to 50 sheets of paper or up to five
envelopes.  With all the paper feed options in use, the printer can
hold up to 800 sheets of paper.  And, like all other LaserWriter
printers, the Select series features the all-in-one toner cartridge
for easy and clean maintenance.

LaserWriter Select 300
    The LaserWriter Select 300 is an expandable laser printer for
individual users.  Its 300 dot-per-inch (dpi) resolution, combined
with FinePrint  edge-smoothing technology and 39 scalable TrueType
fonts, ensures high-quality, professional looking results in letters,
reports, memos, and charts.  For users who want more sophisticated
capabilities, the printer can be upgraded to support Apple's advanced
PhotoGrade  technology, which produces near-photographic quality
grayscale images.  PhotoGrade provides the equivalent of 1,000 dpi
printing with 91 levels of gray--30 percent more than was previously
available in other printers.  Or, for users who require PostScript
compatibility, the printer can be upgraded to support Adobe
    With Apple's new GrayShare  software, users can share the printer
with other Macintosh computers.  GrayShare allows the LaserWriter
Select 300 to be shared among users over an AppleTalk, TokenTalk  or
EtherTalk  network.
    The LaserWriter Select 300 can be used with any Apple Macintosh
personal computer with at least 1MB of RAM, System 6.0.7 (with
TrueType INIT) or higher, and a hard disk drive. For optimum
performance, Apple recommends using 4MB or more of RAM with System 7
or higher.

LaserWriter Select 310
    The LaserWriter Select 310 is the most affordable PostScript printer
Apple has ever introduced.  Powered by Advanced Micro Device's
AM29205 RISC processor, it offers fast, efficient output for
documents with both text and graphics.  It's designed for individual
users in either Macintosh or Windows environments with general
productivity needs.  Because it has Adobe's PostScript software, it
is also an affordable choice for individuals who require PostScript
compatibility.  The printer comes standard with 13 scalable Adobe
Type 1 fonts in ROM and the same 13 TrueType fonts on disk so that
users get great looking type on their display and on the printed
page.  It is also compatible with any other of Adobe's Type 1
PostScript fonts.
    Macintosh or Windows users can connect easily to the printer via
either its built-in serial or parallel connections.  Additional
interface cards or software drivers are not needed.
    The LaserWriter Select 310 can be used with any Apple Macintosh
personal computer running System 6.07 (with TrueType INIT) or higher,
any version of System 7, or any personal computer running Windows.

Pricing and Availability
    The Apple LaserWriter Select 300 and Apple LaserWriter Select 310
will be offered through authorized Apple resellers worldwide.  Prices
and availability may vary by country.

Product                                     U.S. SRP   Availability

LaserWriter Select 300                        $819       Immediate
LaserWriter Select 310                       $1079         March

LaserWriter Select Toner Cartridge             $89       Immediate
LaserWriter Select 250 Sheet Legal Cassette    $79       Immediate

LaserWriter Select Multipurpose Tray Option      $25       Immediate
(50 sheets or 5 envelopes)

LaserWriter Select 30 Envelope Cassette        $89       Immediate
LaserWriter Select 250 Sheet Letter Cassette   $79       Immediate
LaserWriter Select 250 Sheet Feeder w/Cassette $149     Immediate
Supports letter, A4 and  B5 size paper.

LaserWriter Select 500 Sheet Feeder w/Cassette $29       Immediate
(Letter only)

LaserWriter Select 300 PhotoGrade Upgrade     $269       Immediate
LaserWriter Select 300 PostScript Option      $349         April
LaserWriter Select 300 1MB Upgrade Kit         $89       Immediate
LaserWriter Select 310 1MB Upgrade Kit         $89       Immediate
LaserWriter Select 310 4MB Upgrade Kit        $269       Immediate


Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh, LaserWriter, AppleTalk, EtherTalk
and TolkenTalk are registered trademarks; and TrueType, FinePrint,
PhotoGrade and GrayShare are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.
Adobe and PostScript are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated,
which may be registered in certain jurisdictions.

Editor's Note:  Members of the press may obtain a
FinePrint/PhotoGrade white paper for more technical information.
Contact Apple Public Relations at (408) 974-0658.


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