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Apple LaserWriter IINT

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The Apple LaserWriter IINT, which combines high resolution with the ability to produce full-­page text and graphics, is Apple's mainstream network laser printer for both individuals and work­groups.

The LaserWriter IINT printer offers individuals or users linked through an AppleTalk network the versatility needed to produce a wide variety of near-typeset­-quality documents - from letters, memos, and reports to sophis­ticated text and graphics output, including artwork, illustrations, page layouts, and presentations. It features 11 font families (35 typefaces): Times, Helvetica, Courier, and Symbol, along with ITC Avant Garde Gothic, ITC Bookman, New Century School­book, Helvetica Narrow, Palatino, ITC Zapf Chancery, and ITC Zapf Dingbats.

  • Full-page, high-resolution text and graphics
  • Motorola 68000 processor
  • 2 megabytes of RAM
  • Diablo 630 emulation



PostScript is an industry­-standard "page description" language: it tells a printer pre­cisely where to place text and graphics on the page, allowing fonts to appear in any size, style, and orientation, and offer­ing virtually unlimited graphics capabilities. PostScript is one of the most powerful and versatile page-description languages available.

Virtually all software for the Apple Macintosh system creates PostScript-compatible output files. There are also PostScript­-compatible applications for the Apple IIGS system and for MS­-DOS or OS/2 compatibles. If you are working with AT&T UNIX, you can use the Tran­Script utility available from Adobe Systems to convert files to PostScript format for printing on the LaserWriter IINT.

When you require higher resolution or more pages per minute, or need to use larger or heavier paper stock than the LaserWriter IINT can handle, you can print your documents on any typesetter that has Post­Script capability, without retyp­ing the text or re-creating the graphics.

Using a LaserWriter IINT with MS-DOS or OS/2

There are several ways to print on a LaserWriter IINT system from an MS-DOS or OS/2 com­patible computer:

  • AppleTalk. Adding a LocalTalk PC Card to an MS-DOS or OS/2 computer gives you access to all of the LaserWriter IINT printer's text and graphics capabilities over the AppleTalk Network System.
  • PostScript-compatible soft­ware. An increasing number of MS-DOS or OS/2 applications support the PostScript page­-description language. You can print on the LaserWriter IINT from these applications simply by connecting your computer to the printer's RS-232 port.
  • Other MS-DOS or OS/2 software. You can also print documents on the LaserWriter IINT from other MS-DOS or OS/2 applications via RS-232 connection using Diablo 630 emulation mode. (See the LaserWriter IINT and LocalTalk PC Card user's guides for further details on these options.)


Marking engine:

  • Canon LBP-SX laser xerographic


  • Motorola 68000 (12-megahertz clock speed)


  • 1 megabyte ROM; 2 megabytes RAM


Print quality:

  • All text and graphics printed at 300 by 300 dots per inch, full page


  • 8 pages per minute maximum throughput (actual speed depends on images printed)

Printing protocols:

  • Postscript and a subset of the Diablo 630 command set

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